Time Under Tension Training (Super Slow Training) with CJ

In today’s video, CJ Woodruff explains Time Under Tension Training, also known as Super Slow Training:

Why Do This?

Because it’s different. There’s no “absolutes” in training — like CJ says, all types of training are great, so you should mix it up. If you’re never focusing on the negative, static-tension-based, eccentric exercises, then you’re missing out on a way to push further.

If you’re stuck in the same old 3×10 mode, this is one thing you can occasionally toss in somewhere in your workout to completely shake things up.

Go as slow as possible. My muscles aren’t used to all of this static tension… perform more eccentric tension. Challenge yourself in ways you’ve never been challenged before. Get to that failure point.

You’re not doing 12-15 reps of this. If you get 4-5 reps of this, you’re doing good.

Use on Machines Only

Time Under Tension Training

CJ Shows Time Under Tension Training

At some point, if you’re doing it right, you’re going to fail. You don’t want that to be under a bar. Machines make up for this, and give a smooth range of motion so that you can focus on the big muscles.

The pumps are downright nasty when doing these, especially if on a solid pre-workout…

Supplements Used During this Video

  • Pre-Workout: PNI Prodigy (this was filmed during our Prodigy Review)
  • Intra-Workout: Scivation Xtend – CJ is dieting down for a show – BCAAs like Xtend are critical when running at a caloric deficit!

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Filmed at Big Tex Gym in Austin, TX.

Get trained by CJ in Texas: PFTASchoolsSanAntonio.com Facebook.com/MrCJWoodruff

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Mike Roberto

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