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Vegetarian Protein

Vegun Nutrition’s VeganMass: A Vegan Athlete’s Dream Come True

Vegan Mass

The Vegan Diet is one of the fastest-growing movements in the history of nutrition. A growing mass of plant-driven dieters have claimed better health, longevity, and body composition when going vegan — and some of the research backs that up… […]

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PEScience Delights Vegan Select Protein Fans with Cinnamon Delight

PEScience Vegan Select Protein Cinnamon Delight

PEScience is known to make some of the best tasting proteins on the market. When the brand introduced their Select Protein Powder in 2014, it’s done nothing but sell and review well, building a growing flavor profile over time. PES […]

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Ghost Teases Nine New Whey Flavors and a Vegan Protein!

Ghost is sampling nine possible new proteins!

After dropping new editions of Ghost Legend, featuring Maxx Chewning and Christian Guzman, Ghost is teasing nine new potential flavors of Ghost Whey!

Ghost just dropped a video on the brand’s YouTube channel, where it discussed its […]

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Elemetx NitroVegg – Ovo-Vegetarian Friendly Protein Powder


Fast-growing Canadian brand Elemetx is known for making effective supplements that offer a little something different than what you usually find at your local supplement shop. If you’re looking for a dairy-free protein but you’re cool with some egg whites, […]

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Bhu Fit Vegan Protein Bars: A Legit Vegan Option!

Bhu Fit Vegan Chocolate Cherry

Recently, we introduced you to Bhu Fit, a rapidly growing protein bar company dedicated to making protein bars composed of real food. That means no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavors, colors, gums, and the like.

Bhu knows there are […]

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PES Select Vegan Protein: New Vegetarian Protein Powder

PES Select Vegan Protein

Recently, PES has been shifting their marketing gears, looking to get out of the bodybuilding and hardcore fitness markets and into more homes across the world. Case in point are the two reformulations of their two fat burners (now turned […]

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MuscleTech Herbivore – New Vegetarian Protein?

MuscleTech Herbivore

Right now, we’re seeing an interesting clash of two worlds:

The growing knowledge and acceptance that higher-protein diets are better for weight loss, building muscle, virility/sexuality, and overall health in general. The growth of vegetarianism and veganism.

You’d think that […]

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Nature Sport Protein – All-Natural Organic Protein Powder

Nature Sport Protein

Yesterday, we leaked news that MusclePharm was creating a new spin-off brand, Nature Sport, which will be producing all-natural, organic supplements for stores such as Whole Foods.

So far, three products are expected upon launch:

Nature Sport Protein –[…]

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