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Protein Chips

The Myprotein Snack Pack: Wafers, Chips, and a Nuts Bar!

Myprotein Snack Pack PricePlow Blog

In case you’re not familiar with Myprotein, they dominated the sports supplement industry for years in the UK before entering the US market. As their name suggests, Myprotein is most known for its robust line of protein powders, closely followed by functional foods. Since they’ve been in the UK a lot longer, they have […]
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Quest Protein Chips Review – Quest Delivers!

The long awaited Quest protein chips are coming!

Out of all of the exciting releases this year, Quest chips have gotten some of the most attention.

Rightfully so, this is truly the first whey-based protein chip to hit the market.

As of now, they’re available in three flavors:

BBQ Sea Salt Sour Cream and cheddar[…]
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Quest CHIPS – Better Protein Chips are the Next Big Thing

Quest Nutrition, creators of the famed Quest Bars, is up to something BIG:

Quest Protein Chips are here!

In this article, we discuss the nutrition, ingredients, and macronutrients of the new chips, flavors, and then get into some of the reviews. But first, the best deals online:

The Macronutrients

Quest has posted the official release […]
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