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Fungies Lion’s Mane Gummies: Gelatinous Neurogenesis

Fungies Lion's Mane Mushroom Gummies

Fungies has come out with one of the best product mixes we’ve seen in years: adaptogenic mushroom-based gummies. This is part of a broader, industry-wide trend to normalize the use of previously obscure (yet quite beneficial) edible mushrooms like […]

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Myprotein The Pre Workout Gets MIKE AND IKE Flavors!

Myprotein The Pre Workout Mike and Ike

In May of 2021, Myprotein announced a fantastic new collaborative flavor partnership: Mike and Ike Clear Whey Isolate flavors. They began with Strawberry and Screamin’ Sour Cherry, then recently launched an incredible Caribbean Punch and Sour Watermelon duo as […]

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Meet CandyCan: Smart Supplement Snacking – Eat the Entire Bag!


Are you ready to start smart snacking? Because today we’d like to introduce you to CandyCan, a healthy candy alternative with a purpose.

Meet CandyCan and Get Ready to Eat CandyCan

CandyCan are healthy gummy bears that have […]

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