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Fungies Lion’s Mane Gummies: Gelatinous Neurogenesis

Fungies Lion's Mane Mushroom Gummies

Fungies has come out with one of the best product mixes we’ve seen in years: adaptogenic mushroom-based gummies. This is part of a broader, industry-wide trend to normalize the use of previously obscure (yet quite beneficial) edible mushrooms like lion’s mane, reishi, and cordyceps, which have general stabilizing effects on human […]
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Myprotein The Pre Workout Gets MIKE AND IKE Flavors!

Myprotein The Pre Workout Mike and Ike

In May of 2021, Myprotein announced a fantastic new collaborative flavor partnership: Mike and Ike Clear Whey Isolate flavors. They began with Strawberry and Screamin’ Sour Cherry, then recently launched an incredible Caribbean Punch and Sour Watermelon duo as well. In our original article linked above, we commented that this collab was way too […]
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Meet CandyCan: Smart Supplement Snacking – Eat the Entire Bag!


Update: It seems that CandyCan is now discontinued. We’ve kept the content up on PricePlow for historical reasons.

Are you ready to start smart snacking? Because today we’d like to introduce you to CandyCan, a healthy candy alternative with a purpose.

Meet CandyCan and Get Ready to Eat CandyCan

CandyCan are healthy gummy […]
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