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Supplements Take on DC: Natural Products Association Fly-In Day 2024 | Episode #139

NPA Fly-In Day 2024 on the PricePlow Podcast (Episode 139)

The crew is back in Washington DC for the 2024 NPA Fly-In Day, held on May 22, 2024! This podcast was filmed the night before, featuring a star-studded cast that includes:

Jim Emme, CEO of NOW Foods Kyle Turk, Natural Products Association Rick Collins, the one and only Mike DiMaggio, Chief[…]
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Beta-Alanine: A Powerful and Safe Ergogenic Supplement

Beta Alanine

Beta alanine is a unique amino acid ingredient used in supplements to boost muscular endurance. If you’ve ever taken a pre workout supplement, you may have noticed your skin *tingling* a little bit. That’s the beta alanine getting to work, and in this guide, we’ll cover why it’s used in so many sports nutrition supplements.[…]
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The Kaged Muscle PIP Stack – Pre/Intra/Post Workout Obliteration!

Kaged Muscle PIP Stack Kris

Walk into your local supplement store, or log onto your favorite supplement-selling website (hopefully with a PricePlow coupon handy!) and you’ll slowly realize one thing – there are a ton of options. From pre-workouts to testosterone boosters to protein powders, various bottles and containers fill up every wall and screen. While this means you’ll […]
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