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Beta Alanine Patents Invalidated by Hi-Tech Pharma and AllMax

Beta Alanine Patent

CarnoSyn Beta Alanine is one of the most recognizable and widely used supplements in the world. It’s been proven time and again to enhance stamina, endurance, and time to exhaustion. Beta alanine is also known for its quintessential tingling sensation […]

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CASE DISMISSED: Hi-Tech Pharma Sued ALLMAX for Amino Spiking

ALLMAX Nutrition Lawsuit

Update: This case was dismissed on July 27, 2017,[4] with the judge agreeing that Hi-Tech has not adequately proven HexaPro’s label to be misleading.

How this case was dismissed

From the judge’s motion on ALLMAX’s order to dismiss:[4]

As the […]

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ALLMAX Lawsuit – Class Action Filed on HexaPro

In the latest installment on the “amino acid protein spiking” fiasco, it has been made public that a class action lawsuit has been filed against ALLMAX Nutrition, with respect to their HexaPro protein powder.

The file was made […]

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ISOFlex Revamped: 90% Pure Protein Domination by ALLMAX


We’ve countless proteins over the years here at PricePlow, yet somehow we’ve never mentioned one of the top isolate proteins products from ALLMAX Nutrition.

90% protein by weight!

In this era of relative unsurity in regards to amino spiking […]

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ALLMAX AllWhey Classic: No-Nonsense Whey w/ Scoop on Top!

ALLMAX Scoop Lock Review

ALLMAX has been a long time player in the supplement game. Their expansive line of supplements run the gamut from the bare essentials like creatine to the more complex pre workout and intra workout powders – and they all have […]

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ALLMAX IsoFlex Removed from Protein Guide, MuscleTech Added

ALLMAX IsoFlex vs. MuscleTech Platinum 100% Iso Whey

Quick announcement:

Today, we removed ALLMAX IsoFlex from our popular Top 10 Protein Powders buyer’s guide.

This product was frequently recommended in the creative / fruity flavor sections (for whey isolates or low-carb protein options) due to the chocolate mint […]

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