Plasma Muscle Review: Medical Muscle Sets PRs!

Jay Plasma Muscle Review 001

Jay from Medical Muscle gives his review after running MuscleTech’s Plasma Muscle for the past month. Does it deliver?

What’s up everybody?! It’s Jay from Medical Muscle with my final MuscleTech’s Plasma Muscle review!

So, if you’ve been following along with the series of videos in this beta test, this is the fifth and final video after one month of use of Plasma Muscle. Here’s a quick recap:

I started taking this out 2 weeks out from my first powerlifting competition, set some PRs, won my push and pull division for the 165-lb weight class and since then I’ve been doing some hypertrophy work with higher sets and higher reps trying to grow some muscle to build my foundation to increase my strength once again in my training cycle.

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Plasma Muscle Ingredients

Here’s a quick review of the ingredients in Plasma Muscle:

FIrst of all we have the Beta A bottle which contains 750mg of OptiNOs and the Beta B bottle contains 400mg of Peak ATP. I finished off the bottles and actually took my last dose this morning. Long story short, the purpose of Plasma Muscle is to increase recovery, improve blood flow and vasodilation, and help with muscle contraction to keep you going through your workout out so you can bust out all those reps.


Jay Plasma Muscle Review 002

Jay found that taking the two pills from each bottle around 60 minutes prior to workout proved to be most effective.

I stuck to the schedule that was provided for me when I was given the beta test. It says to take 2 capsules of each bottle 30-60 minutes prior to workouts except on non-training days, where you just take them in the morning.

A couple of days in, I figured out that taking them around 60 minutes prior to my workout worked best for me. Just for the use of the product, it was very easy to take every day. I didn’t experience any side effects at all. I never got an upset stomach at all during my workouts, even when combining it with a pre workout.

I’m not on a pre workout right now, and haven’t been for the past two weeks and Plasma Muscle still had the same effects that I noticed during the two weeks of competition prep for the powerlifting meet and during the two weeks of hypertrophy work after the powerlifting week.

Plasma Muscle Experience

MuscleTech Plasma Muscle Review

PR’s Broken in Week 2 of Medical Muscle’s MuscleTech Plasma Muscle Review Beta run!!!!

A quick breakdown, of what I experienced while on Plasma Muscle this past month:

I noticed that I had great endurance during my workouts. I never got fatigued or lethargic. I was always able to finish all the sets and reps that I set out to accomplish that day, and I always felt very good during my workouts.

When I used Plasma Muscle during the competition prep, the first two weeks that I used it, it was very easy to get a pump and hold a pump. During the last two weeks, after the competition, doing the hypertrophy work, I saw increased vascularity, new veins all over; I got very good pumps. My muscles always felt very full.

MuscleTech Plasma Muscle

Plasma Muscle is one of the new products hitting the market that supplies the full 400mg dose of Peak ATP used in the clinical trials.

One thing I have noticed over the past two weeks while doing the higher reps and higher sets is that my quad strength and size has increased a significant amount where when just by looking in the mirror I can see a huge improvement.

I have also set rep PRs in squat, which is my main problem, and the lift that I am working on the most. So I’ve been concentrating on my squat more, doing more quad and glute accessory work and I have seen significant gains in the areas of strength and size.

Wrap Up

So, again overall, no negative comments for Plasma Muscle. After the past month on the beta test, I’ve set PRs, I won my meet, I’ve seen strength and size gains. However, I can’t say that Plasma Muscle is the sole reason to all of these PRs and increases.

I work hard in the gym, my diet is on point, I’m doing everything I should be doing. One thing I would like to do is try soon is combining all three supplements in the MuscleTech trilogy (Clear Muscle, Phospha Muscle and Plasma Muscle) all in one and taking them as directed and seeing how all three combined would affect me.

Of course, you can find awesome deals on Clear Muscle and Phospha Muscle right here on PricePlow. Once Plasma Muscle is released, it will be here as well!

Be sure to check out my own Youtube channel (Medical Muscle) to follow along with my medical school journey, which starts in 3 weeks. It should provide for some interesting content!

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