ANS Performance RITUAL Review – The EVERYTHING Pre Workout

Your new pre workout Ritual is here.

When ANS Performance released the ingredient profile on their new pre workout supplement, RITUAL, it almost seemed too good to be true.

It was not.

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Leg Day Ruination with ANS Ritual – Our Video Review

Let me put it this way: We filmed this review on Wednesday (LEG Day), and it is now Friday. To this minute, I am still having trouble maintaining posture at my standing desk.

This workout torpedoed my glutes and hams, and was CJ’s best training session since contest prep began:

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ANS Performance Ritual Review Specs

Ratings time, starting with what everyone’s wondering first:

Focus: 9+/10


I might bump this up to a 10 if it maintains, because it was only one workout. You gotta earn that 10 over time.

But our squat session was just sick. Normally, CJ and Amin are good for a joke or two. Not during this one. I’ve never seen it like this. The first half of this workout was all business. It didn’t even feel right getting the camera out to record it.

I absolutely love the mix here.

PEA + Hordenine = Dopamine

The first thing to hit you is the PEA + Hordenine combo, giving a longer-lasting dopamine boost than PEA alone. The second I felt “the smiles” pop out, I knew it had kicked in. It happens fast. Shortly after, the smiles took a hike, because shit was about to get real.

More than NAT

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is a favorite basic focus amino of mine, and is also in my endurance stack when I’m training for long distance swims. I love the effect, and know exactly what it does for me.

This was more than that. The DN1000 dendrobium extract takes it to the next level.

I have a feeling this is going to end up resting at around 9.5/10 for me, but time will tell.

*(or a solid 3-4 week total stim break to reset yourself)

Energy: 8.5/10

If you want 3 pounds of four different types of caffeine, this isn’t going to be for you. I think it’s well caffeinated at 1-1.5 scoops. If you need more stims, you’ll want 2 scoops*, which will make you go through your tub quickly.

That said, I had a bit of a crash after this workout. I’ll attribute it to a disgusting leg day, but I am an honest guy and need to note that.

I also didn’t feel the thermogenesis I normally get from higher doses of higenamine. I think that ingredient just gets lost in the noise, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Taste: 9/10

Our ANS Ritual Review

Whoa that’s some strong coloring/flavoring!

With such a huge ingredient list, I expected some nasty aftertaste. FALSE.

Both flavors are very sweet, with no bitter afternotes. They’re powerful – the second you open the tub, you’ll smell it.

Icy Blue Freeze is the way to go if you like blue razz. If not, candy green apple is like a green Jolly rancher, but better (more sweet and a bit less sour than the candy).

The good news is that they water down very well. I mixed the last 10% of my shaker, and added more water and used it as my intraworkout instead of BCAAs during this session. It kept flavor very well.

The bad news is that if you like to take your supps like a “shot”, this is going to dominate your face.

But who cares about taste…

Pumps: 9/10

So that’s what AstraGin + Citrulline + Agmatine feels like? Niiiiiiice…

Any more pumps on leg day would have been stupid. Glad I stopped at 1.5 scoops or I wouldn’t have been able to get as far down. My legs are inflexible as it is.

Once again, I’ll need more workouts on it, but I loved the progression. After the workout, it turned into a flexing session between CJ and Amin.

You know they’re digging on the pumps when they start busting out their leg muscles in public:

CJ Woodruff Flexing after his ANS Performance Ritual Review

You know it was a good workout when CJ and Amin start the show (Awaiting Amin’s permission to show the MASSIVE leg flexing pics)

What would be awesome is to try this product without the Astragin, and then try it with. AstraGin is an “amplifier” that boosts amino acid absorption (see Does it really help with the citrulline? I couldn’t tell you, but I wasn’t lacking any pumps.

Overall Value: 9.25/10

This is subject to change to a 9.5 or a 9, but the fact is… this has been priced to sell. I do factor price into these reviews (note the name of my website…)

Even at 1.5 servings, you’ll eventually be able to get this under $1/workout. That’s important, because we need money left over to buy food… Can’t be spending $3/workout, and ANS doesn’t do that to you.

In the end, there’s nothing bad to say about it. At the price, you gotta try it.

On ANS Performance – Batting 1.000 at PricePlow!

I love working with “smaller” companies, and testing their latest supplements. They have everything to lose, and need to pack in a ton of value to stand out above the others.

That value comes in the way of the “anti-concentrate” pre workout supplements. Still no calories or fillers, but huge amounts of everything. Perhaps smaller profit for them, but bigger gains for you (and CJ).

ANS Performance is now running 2/2 on the PricePlow blog (Colby Strunk is BLOWING IT UP with their Fortitude Test Booster). These guys are officially for real, and you should get in on the good stuff.

Train with CJ in Austin, TX

This review was recorded at Steve Smith’s Big Tex Gym in North Austin, TX. Train with CJ in Austin – Find him on Facebook at

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The Ritual Pre Workout – This is Just the START of the Formula!

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