The Smüthe Company: Boost Your Protein Shakes, Smoothies, and Food!

Protein shakes have long been due for a shake-up. Over the decade-plus we’ve spent covering protein powders on PricePlow, the majority of changes and innovations have come in terms of sourcing and bioavailability improvements. We’ve seen an increase in plant-based proteins, we’ve seen better third-party testing, and we’ve seen numerous technologies to improve the amino acid uptake of protein powders.

The nutrition in protein powders hasn’t changed much…

The Smuthe Company

Protein shakes and smoothies haven’t changed much lately, but now there’s a way to amplify them — with The Smüthe Company’s drink boosts! Utilizing trademarked ingredients, you can add some incredible health benefits to your shakes, smoothies, and foods – without impacting your diet!

However, one facet of protein powders that we don’t see are nutritional improvements. While many companies have created all-encompassing meal-replacement proteins that include more macro- and micronutrients, and others have launched greens powders that can be mixed into protein powders, the nutrition in your standard protein powder hasn’t changed much.

This makes sense, too. Protein powders are simply there to increase your protein intake. Additional ingredients bring additional cost, and not everyone has the same nutritional needs or concerns. Put simply, your protein shake is a base – and if you want more, you can add more in your own smoothie.

A man named Paul Burton is taking advantage of that with The Smüthe Company, which sells customizable protein and smoothie booster packs that you add to your protein. These “Smüthe” packs leverage enhancements from the ingredients inside that you choose to add to your shakes, smoothies, yogurts, oats, or any other food or drink you want to boost!

Boost your smoothies and shakes with The Smüthe Company

The Smuthe Company Boost

Need some extra support? Boost it!

With boosts ranging from immunity to energy and focus to turmeric to digestive health and beyond, The Smüthe Company allows you to amplify the health benefits of your protein just the way you like it – without added colors, flavors, or sugar.

So now you can take your favorite protein powder or smoothie mix — and boost it. The packs are 100% natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, sugar-free, and safe for both vegan and low-carb diets. Just the ingredient(s) you want to add, combined with soluble tapioca fiber. To make it better, every boost contains a trademarked ingredient from trusted ingredient suppliers.

They were originally (and still are) marketed to smoothie stands, but now they’re available for you to buy and add to your shakes, snacks, and meals as well.

In this introductory post, we briefly cover some of The Smüthe Company’s most popular boost packs and get into the backstory, but first, check out their website at

Learn about The Smüthe Company at

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How MySmüthe works: an example with myfocus

Before getting into some specifics, let’s take a look at an example boost pack to see how simple and effective it is. In the myfocus drink boost, you can see the label below:

The Smüthe Company myfocus

The Smüthe Company’s myfocus is a single-serving packet of Sensoril Ashwagandha powderized with NNB Nutrition MitoFiber, and it can be added to anything you can imagine!

As you can see, a single 1 gram stick pack is quite simple: it contains 250 milligrams of Sensoril Ashwagandha, a highly-respected, natural ingredient that reduces cortisol levels, covered frequently on this site. It is augmented with MITOFIBER, a trademarked form of soluble tapioca fiber from NNB Nutrition.

And that’s it! If you’re stressed out and unable to focus or relax, add myfocus to your smoothie or protein shake and start feeling the benefits immediately.

Alternatively, if you’re at a smoothie stand that works with The Smüthe Company, you can request the myfocus boost for today’s drink. Maybe next week, you’ll want to boost something else – and it doesn’t have to be a shake. Soups, teas, salads… all fair game!

The idea is simple but smart, allowing customers to target their desired effects, and allowing smoothie stands to quickly and easily provide them without dealing with measurements, dosages, or untrusted/inferior ingredients.

The Smüthe Company’s Best-Selling Boosts

Not feeling the need for cortisol-controlling ashwagandha today? That’s fine, myfocus is only one of several smoothie boost packs from The Smuthe Company. Here are the rest:

  • turmeric drink boost

    Utilizing a powerful combination of 250 milligrams of Curcumin C3 Complex, 210 milligrams of Crucumin C3 Reduct, and black pepper extract from Bioperine, turmeric boost promotes an incredible anti-inflammatory effect that can strengthen the immune system, improve lipid levels, and reduce joint pain.

    The Smuthe Company Turmeric Boost

    Curcumin C3 Reduct contains high bioactive curcuminoid content whose effects are far more potent than the turmeric that’s purchased at grocery stores. Black pepper extract (Bioperine) is added because it’s been shown to improve curcumin absorption by 2000%!

  • digestivehealth boost

    Combining the incredibly popular DigeZyme digestive enzyme blend with LactoSpore probiotic, digestivehealth boost helps your body break down food better, while repopulating your gut with healthy, spore-forming bacteria.

    The Smuthe Company Digestive Health Boost

    If you’re not handling your food the way you used to, digestivehealth boost is a great daily addition to any diet, since DigeZyme contains five digestive enzymes in alpha amylase, neutral protease, lactase, lipase, and cellulase to help break down starches, proteins, lactose, lipids, and plant fibers respectively.

  • myenergy boost

    Need more energy? myenergy boost contains one of our favorite cognition-supporting ingredients in 150 milligrams of organic coffeeberry, an antioxidant-packed fruit that contains natural sources of caffeine. Coffeeberry has been shown to support cognitive performance, and is certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

    The Smuthe Company Energy Boost

    myenergy boost is the one product from The Smüthe Company that contains caffeine.

  • antioxidant boost

    With a 120 milligram serving of Delphinol maqui berry extract, antioxidant boost takes the power of one the (if not the) world’s most antioxidant-rich fruit known to man to help you stop free radical cascades in order to reduce inflammation. Delphinol is standardized to 35% anthocyanins and 25% delphinidins, which make maqui berry more powerful than other popular berries.

    The Smuthe Company Antioxidant Boost

  • myfiber boost

    Often combined with digestivehealth boost above, myfiber boost adds an additional 3 grams of dietary fiber to your day with the inclusion of FiberSMART Soluble Tapioca Fiber.

    The Smuthe Company Digestive Health Boost

    This is a low-glycemic tapioca fiber that may help with regularity and colon health, functioning as a prebiotic fiber that helps fuel the gut to enable the creation of health-beneficial short chain fatty acids.

  • myveggie boost

    Add an equivalent of a serving of vegetables to your smoothie with the PhytoServ Veggie Blend in myveggie boost, which includes broccoli sprout, onion extract, broccoli, tomato, carrot, spinach, kale, and brussels sprouts.

    The Smuthe Company Veggie Boost

    PhytoServ gets its name because one serving (in one stick packet) provides the phytonutrient equivalent of one daily recommended serving of vegetables. This will also go for myfruit boost, which is below.

  • myfruit boost

    myfruit boost contains 70 milligrams of PhytoServ fruit blend, which includes grape seed extract, wild blueberry, raspberry, prune, cranberry, tart cherry, strawberry, bilberry, grape, blueberry extract, and raspberry seed.

    The Smuthe Company Fruit Boost

    These health-boosting ingredients will provide a wide range of phytonutrients and antioxidants that can promote longevity and better well-being – and taste great to boot!

  • myfocus boost

    Discussed above in our example, myfocus boost contains 250 milligrams of Sensoril Ashwagandha, a popular feel-good dietary supplement that functions as an adaptogen, helps the body control cortisol levels to reduce stress and support focus and mental clarity.

    The Smuthe Company Focus Boost

    We’re told that Sensoril is the #1 selling form of ashwagandha for concentration and cognitive health – and given the products and brands using it for that purpose, we believe that claim.

  • hearthealth boost

    Leveraging the power of a serious 500 milligram dose of CAPROS amla fruit extract, hearthealth boost can provide a natural nitric oxide boost that improves blood flow and reduces inflammation.

    The Smuthe Company Heart Health Boost

    If you’re into drinking protein shakes pre-workout, combining myenergy and hearthealth boost could make an incredible stack!

  • immunity boost

    Immunity boost includes 20 milligrams of vitamin C (20% daily recommended allowance) all coming from Phyto-C, a natural blend of acerola juice concentrate, strawberry, green coffee extract, green tea extract, maqui, acai, turmeric extract, blueberry, broccoli, tart cherry, and kale.

    The Smuthe Company Immunity Boost

    Phyto-C was built for those who want high doses of vitamin C but don’t want the synthetic sources that are everywhere — instead, this is a natural way to improve immune defense.

  • recovery boost

    Have a workout so rough you’re thinking you might be sidelined for a few days? recovery boost can help you in your comeback with Recovera Prickly Pear, which helps muscles better utilize carbohydrates for energy.

    The Smuthe Company Recovery Boost

    Don’t fear the carbs alongside this one – boost it with your smoothie and get back on the road to recovery!

Choose whichever one speaks to you — and as alluded above, there are some incredible stacking opportunities as well!

mycore protein: your smoothie base

The Smuthe Company mycore Protein Powder

Need a solid vegan-friendly base that’s great on the gut? See The Smuthe Company’s mycore Protein Powder

Many users already have a preferred protein shake — but many may not. If you’re enjoying The Smüthe Company’s diet-friendly, all-natural style, then check out mycore protein, the company’s vegan protein powder base that utilizes an organic European plant-based protein blend that includes the equivalent of two servings of fruits and veggies, alongside an immunity and antioxidant boost:

It’s powered by ProteoSMART Organic Vegan Protein Blend, which includes pumpkin seed protein, sunflower seed protein, and flaxseed protein. It’s then amplified by numerous additional ingredients, including HiActives organic acai fruit powder, Richberry 12000 anthocyanin powder, Phyto-C, both PhyoServ Fruit and Veggie Blends, and even VitaBlue blueberry extract.

This powerful base alone already tops the antioxidant value of every protein powder we’ve seen, and then you can boost it further with one of the above boost packs!

Conclusion: The Smüthe Company is customizing the way you boost health

What a fantastic idea.

The Smuthe Company myfruit

The Smüthe Company’s packs started off as add-ons for smoothie stores, who want to provide varied health benefits but don’t have the time to be messing with scoopers, capsules, or microscale measurements. With these incredible boost packets, it’s all taken care of for them – they just take an order, rip a packet or two open, dump it in, blend, and serve.

But now it’s becoming so much more than smoothies. Users can enjoy their boosts at home, and put them in far more than just protein shakes. Yogurts and foods like oats come to mind first, but soups and broths are another great way to enhance your nutrition.

As a site that prides itself on exploring the science behind novel dietary supplement ingredients, we’re excited that The Smüthe Company is using trademarked ingredients that have quality science behind them. For instance, their choices of curcumin and ashwagandha show that they know how to source effective, trusted ingredients – we’d love to dig into those in greater detail soon.

Until then, check out and see what boost packs suit your goals!

Shop The Smüthe Company at

The Smuthe Company myenergy

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Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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