STORM Pre-Workout Adds Wicked Wild Berry & Gnarly Grape Flavors

We’re back from the 2022 Arnold Sports Festival, and one of the industry’s hottest brands — STORM — has just released two new flavors of the popular STORM Pre-Workout supplement.

STORM Pre Workout Wicked Wild Berry & Gnarly Grape

STORM Pre Workout Wicked Wild Berry & Gnarly Grape are here!

Early in the year during PricePlow’s 2021 Supplement Industry Awards, we named STORM as Brand to Watch for 2022, and since doing so, they’re making good on that promise. In January, they put out STORM BURN, a metabolic-enhancing energy powder that’ll help burn fat, but not taste buds.

And now, they’re back with more pre-workout flavors:

Wicked Wild Berry & Gnarly Grape take the next wave

It’s confirmed – STORM Pre-Workout Wicked Wild Berry and Gnarly Grape are live after an incredible ASF 2022 launch. We got our first taste from the brand’s ice-cold margarita machine at their booth, and both flavors are superb.

Our tasting and recap of the formula is below, but first, check out PricePlow’s coupon-powered prices for STORM and sign up for alerts, we know there’s more coming throughout the year:

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STORM Lifestyle Wicked Wild Berry

You may have tried berry flavors, but have you tried wicked wild berry?!

Wicked Wild Berry & Gnarly Grape

Keeping up with the 90s skater / surfer culture vibe, Wicked Wild Berry and Gnarly Grape bring a couple of forgotten words back into the fold to join Blue Raspberry Rage and Steezy Sour Peach.

Wicked Wild Berry can be considered a “complex, advanced fruit punch” where there are a few extra mixed berry notes on top of a sweet fruit punch flavor system. Gnarly Grape is more of a candy grape flavor system that will please grape lovers who are far too often neglected by this industry. Both are fantastic and both will work great as “daily drivers” — as will this Pre Workout.

To see why, let’s briefly cover the ingredients:

Recapping the STORM Pre-Workout Ingredients

Our article titled STORM Pre Workout: A Scoop for Thrill-Seekers details the entire formula with dozens of citations. Below is a quick recap.

STORM Pre-Workout has 25 servings per tub, and in each 1-scoop serving, you get the following ingredients to go with 300 milligrams of caffeine:

  • L-Citrulline – 4000 mg

    STORM Pre-Workout Supplement Facts

    STORM Pre Workout utilizes the synergistic blend of arginine + citrulline for increased blood flow over taking either one alone!

    Purpose: Nitric oxide production for increased blood flow, pumps, vascularity, nutrient delivery, and recovery. This is above the clinically-verified dose for nitric oxide production, and it will further synergize with L-arginine below, since L-citrulline inhibits the enzyme that breaks arginine down in the gut, leading to even greater NO generation.

  • Beta-Alanine – 3200 mg

    Purpose: Muscular endurance. Beta alanine combines with the essential amino acid L-histidine to produce more carnosine, which buffers lactic acid in the muscles. This allows for longer-lasting sets and more volume, should you take advantage of it. 3200 milligrams is the clinically-verified daily dose, and may lead to a tingling sensation known as paresthesia, but has been shown to be safe and non-toxic.

  • L-Arginine – 2000 mg

    Purpose: Synergistic nitric oxide production. Arginine is the precursor to the NO molecule, but supplementally, it requires a bit of help to improve its bioavailability. That help comes from L-citrulline above and AstraGin below, allowing the body to get more from the precursor amino acid.

  • VitaCholine Choline L+Bitartrate – 1335 mg (yielding 547 mg choline (100% DV))

    Purpose: Focus, cell integrity, and fat metabolism. Choline is a B-vitamin that’s useful in numerous types of cells, including the creation of our “learning neurotransmitter”, acetylcholine. What we love here is the type and the dose — VitaCholine is the active L-isomer of choline bitartrate, and the large dose gets us to 100% DV of the vitamin.

  • Tyrosine – 1000 mg

    STORM Pre Workout Wicked Wild Berry

    Purpose: Focus and vigilance. L-Tyrosine is popular because it’s the precursor for feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine, helping to drive focus. It’s synergistic with caffeine and research has shown that it’s very useful in situations of sleep deprivation.

  • Taurine – 1000 mg

    Purpose: Endurance and hydration. Taurine is a “do-it-all” ingredient that’s vastly underestimated by the greater dietary supplement industry outside of our sports nutrition niche. It’s an osmolyte that helps with cellular hydration and water balance, leading to numerous mitochondrial health improvements, endurance benefits, and added cognition support.

  • Caffeine anhydrous – 300 mg

    Purpose: Energy. Everyone knows how caffeine treats them at this point — it’s the adenosine inhibitor that wakes you up. Question is if you’re good with this dose – 300 milligrams brings energy, but isn’t over-the-top compared to other supplements. STORM brings the energy, you bring the adrenaline.

  • Theobromine – 100 mg

    Purpose: Prolonged energy. Theobromine is caffeine’s “cousin”, with a similar structure yet milder effects. It has a far longer half life, which means that it keeps working while the caffeine is tapering off, preventing a crash that some other products may bring.

    STORM: Break All the Rules

  • AstraGin – 25 mg

    Purpose: Ingredient amplification. AstraGin is a patented blend of astragalus and panax notoginseng that helps improve gut permeability, ensuring better absorption of other ingredients. Its creators, NuLiv Science, have data supporting that the ingredient can amplify both citrulline and arginine, leading to even better nitric oxide production.

Need more information or citations? Read our main STORM Pre-Workout article.

Flavors available

STORM Pre Workout

You bring the adrenaline, STORM brings the extra energy, focus, and bloodflow!

Want more options? STORM has them for you — and if you see this in the future, perhaps there will be even more:

    Conclusion: The STORM Rages on

    It was great to try these new flavors, but it was even greater to meet the team behind STORM Lifestyle at the Arnold Sports Festival. As the brand to watch in 2022, they’re doing a good job keeping up with the hype.

    The pre-workout can be used by nearly anyone — some may just need to under-scoop it — and is a perfect daily driver with no foul-tasting botanicals. This means great flavor systems, and so far each one is incredible. Our current favorites are Steezy Sour Peach and Wicked Wild Berry, but as we said in the introduction – grape lovers need lovin too, and STORM’s got their back as well.

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    Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

    Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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