MTS Machine Carb 10 – Performance Carbs without the Insulin Spike!

MTS Nutrition Carb 10

Carb 10 is the latest supplement from MTS Nuttion that’s set to put the carbohydrate supplement world on notice!

Marc “The Machine” Lobliner is back at it again with a brand new supplement that will turn heads in the industry. His supplement company, MTS Nutrition has released their own breakthrough performance carbohydrate, Carb 10.

What is it and how is it any different from dextrose or maltodextrin?

The hint is that it comes from none other than legumes!

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What is Carb 10?

MTS Nutrition Carb 10 Ingredients

Each serving of Carb 10 packs 25g of fast digesing, non-insuling spiking carbs to enhance your performance and speed recovery.

Traditional bodybuilding lore has always stated the need for a fast acting carb either pre workout to fuel performance, or post workout to replenish glycogen stores and speed recovery. Typically, people have turned to dextrose, maltodextrin, or waxy maize as a cheap carb source that’s fast acting and easy to digest.

The problem with each of these sources is that while they do a fine job of shuttling nutrients into the muscle cells and replenishing glycogen stores, they all come with one nasty side effect: A HUGE spike in insulin!

Isn’t spiking insulin good?!

Not necessarily…

While bro-science has typically subscribed to the philosophy that creating a spike in insulin was needed to cram nutrients into muscle cells following a workout in order to maximize the “anabolic window,” recent research shows that may not entirely be true.

Two different studies have examined the impact of using fast acting carbs post workout and their impact on muscle protein synthesis. Both studies found that ingestion of a carb source in conjunction with a protein source did NOT lead to increased muscle protein synthesis or prevent muscle breakdown.[1,2]

Aside from that, when using a fast digesting carb source pre workout or intra workout to power your workout, the huge surge in insulin that comes with these fast-acting carbs always comes with the prototypical lethargic feeling and energy crash later on.

The Solution

Marc Lobliner and MTS have done their research and come up with the perfect answer to the insulin spiking conundrum and it’s in the form of PEAS!

Now, you may have seen pea supplements before when exploring non-whey alternatives for protein powder, but you’ve likely never seen a pea-based carbohydrate supplement before.

Carb 10 uses legume-based starch derived from peas as its source of fast acting carbohydrates. Similar to highly-branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD), Carb 10 has a low osmolality that speeds gastric emptying. This ensures the carbs don’t sit around in your stomach leading to bloating or that slow, “heavy” feeling.

Carb 10 Insulin Graphic

Carb 10 has a dramatically lower affect on insulin levels compared to other sources of fast-acting carbs. Image courtesy Compound Solutions, Inc.[3]

Rather, these carbs pass at light speed through your stomach and onto your intestines where they are absorbed and transported to the muscles where they are needed. The big difference here, is that Carb 10 doesn’t cause a spike in insulin![3]

Compared to the prototypical bodybuilder carb, i.e. maltodextrin, Carb 10 has a 27% lower blood glucose response and an astounding 82% lower insulin response![3]

What does all this mean?

In a few words, better performance with no crash. Athletes and bodybuilders alike will experience better glycogen replenishment leading them to push heavier weights and get the GAINS that they always wanted.

Your muscles will look fuller, your recovery will be quicker, and your overall performance will improve all without the deleterious effects of constant insulin spiking and the ensuing crash and lethargic feeling.

Initial Flavors Available

Marc Lobliner

Marc THE MACHINE Lobliner, creator of MTS Nutrition

Marc knows that his products can be used in a wide variety of applications, pre, intra, post or at the end of the day to hit your carb allowance for the day. For this reason, MTS has released two options for Carb 10: Cookies & Cream and Unflavored, each available in 2lb and 5lb tubs.

The unflavored option is to add to your pre or intra workout beverage, so you don’t have to worry about any off flavors when mixing different tasting supplements. The Cookies & Cream option can be used any other time, post workout with your whey shake in the morning with your smoothie, or any other time of day when you need to add some carbs.

Wrap Up

The Machine and MTS have heard the cries from the lifting community and served up another stellar product backed by some solid research. We all know carbs are the body’s preferred source of energy and if we want to excel in the gym and get the GAINS, we’ll need to use carbs to get there.

What we don’t need is the tiredness, heaviness, and insulin highs and lows associated with other carb sources. Carb 10 offers a solid option for those needs a quick hit of energy pre or intra workout, and even those that have trouble meeting their carb macros for the day.

Make sure to check the widget below and grab your tub of Carb 10 so you can be on the way to better performance and recovery:

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