ORANGE MAN BAD! Merica Labz Releases Donald Trump Themed Boom Pre-Workout

The anniversary of that fateful day is finally upon us. January 6th, a day when the very fabric of democracy was at risk of toppling due to grandmother capital tourists and men with horns, is nigh.

Merica Labz Red White & Boom Orange Man Bad

You better believe it – On January 6th, 2024, Merica Labz released a Donald Trump inspired flavor of their Red, White, & Boom pre-workout: Orange Man Bad!

In celebration of the holiday, ‘Merica Labz is releasing a Donald Trump themed flavor for their quintessentially over-the-top all-American pre-workout supplement, Red, White, & Boom. It was recently rebranded with an epic scene featuring four classic superhero presidents (see the post linked above), but there was one more lurking in the background…

Orange Man Bad!

Red, White, & Boom is America in a pre-workout. It’s decadent and holds no punches. Boasting a very high 420 milligram dose of caffeine and packed with all sorts of physical and mental-boosting ingredients, it is the fuel of a superpower.

It only makes sense, then, that ‘Merica Labz is releasing a flavor themed after America’s most colorful president, Donald Trump. The tongue-in-cheek flavor Orange Man Bad is here.

We’re going to dive into a little summary on how ‘Merica Labz Red, White, & Boom works, but first, let’s check the PricePlow for good ‘Merica Labz deals, and check out our video review of the new flavor:

Merica Labz Red, White & Boom – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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‘Merica Labz Red, White, & Boom – How It Works

A full scientific write-up is in our main Red, White, & Boom write-up, but below’s a quicker synopsis. Each 22.5g scoop of Red, White, & Boom contains the following ingredients:

Merica Labz Red White & Boom Orange Man Bad Ingredients

  • 3DPUMP Breakthrough (6000mg), a patented blend from NutraShure, enhances workout pumps and athletic performance through ingredients like L-citrulline, glycerol, and amla fruit extract, showing superior effectiveness in increasing thigh circumference, lean body mass, and cardiovascular function compared to citrulline in studies.
  • Creatine Monohydrate (5000mg), extensively researched and proven to be safe and effective, significantly enhances various aspects of athletic performance and health, including power output, lean mass gains, energy levels, and cognitive function, as supported by a vast number of peer-reviewed studies.
  • Beta Alanine (3200mg) forms carnosine and helps flush lactic acid from muscles, is proven to boost endurance in exercises lasting 30 seconds to 10 minutes, and while it may cause a tingling sensation, it is safe and non-toxic.
  • Arginine Nitrate (as NO3-T) (1000mg), combined with citrulline, is effective due to their synergistic effects which increase oral bioavailability of arginine and enhance nitric oxide production, leading to improved circulation, aerobic efficiency, strength, and cellular energy production.
  • L-Tyrosine (1000mg) boosts levels of dopamine and norepinephrine for improved focus and reduced stress, and is particularly beneficial for those who are sleep-deprived.
  • Merica Labz Red White & Boom Orange Man Bad

    Orange Man Bad!!

    KSM-66 (600mg) helps normalize cortisol levels, which in turn can enhance testosterone, fertility, athletic performance, lean body composition, and combat fatigue, and is particularly beneficial in supplements like ‘Merica Labz Red, White & Boom that contain high caffeine levels.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (350mg of 420mg total) can significantly boost alertness and potentially increase power. But remember, there’s more caffeine coming beyond this 350 milligrams!
  • Alpha-GPC 50% (300mg) enhances focus and muscle output by increasing acetylcholine levels, and is effectively paired with tyrosine, caffeine, ashwagandha, and creatine for additional nootropic and focus-driven benefits.
  • Theobromine (100mg), found in theobroma cacao, offers a milder but longer-lasting stimulatory effect compared to caffeine, enhancing the “feel” of pre-workout supplements as a supportive stimulant.
  • zumXR (100mg – yielding 70 of total 420mg) acts as a slow-release caffeine agent, designed to prolong caffeine’s effects and mitigate potential crashes when combined with caffeine anhydrous, totaling 420 milligrams of caffeine in the supplement.
  • Huperzia serrata Extract (10mg) synergizes with alpha-GPC by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase to increase acetylcholine effectiveness and promote neurogenesis, thus enhancing mental focus during workouts.

Again, you can read more in our article titled ‘Merica Labz Red, White, & BOOM Pre Workout Updated in 2023 with INSANE Labels.

All ‘Merica Labz Red, White, & Boom flavors

Check out our up-to-date list of Red, White, & Boom flavors below (some of the older formula’s flavors may still be out there):

    Take your gainz to Operation Warpseed status

    Merica Labz Red White & Boom 2023

    BOOM! The new Merica Labz Red White & Boom formula is out, with insane new artwork and the new slogan, “Can’t Cancel Patriotism”

    ‘Merica Labz knows their audience, and they make no apologies. You won’t find many gender-studies postgrads setting a new one-rep-max fueled by Red, White, & Boom.

    Let’s face it, it takes some cajones to not only laugh at, but to capitalize on an event that has taken an outsized, almost religious undertone these last few years. Is Merica Labz poking fun at the man who stood at the Rubicon and turned his back, or are they poking fun at his hysterical haters? We’re not sure, but we can probably assume the answer.

    So one final question remains: would things have turned out differently if horn guy had been amped up on Red, White, & Boom? We’ll never know.

    Merica Labz Red, White & Boom – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

    Get Price Alerts

    No spam, no scams.

    Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

    Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

    Merica Labz Red White & Boom Orange Man Bad Label

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