Lost and Found Energy Drink: Grape Fizz Launches at Vitamin Shoppe

There isn’t a man or woman alive who couldn’t use more energy. Energy is what keeps us ticking – it’s the difference between a life lived powerfully and a life lived impotently.

Of course, as you get older, the energy that seemed so abundant when you were young just seems to slip further and further away. Whereas before, a small amount of sugar would get you so hopped up you’d be bouncing off walls and driving your mother crazy, now burnout can feel like it’s always just around the corner.

Luckily for all of us, we have cheat codes. Coffee, for one. That little boost of caffeine can go a long way to giving you that extra oomph. But sometimes you need something more – something better.

Lost & Found Energy Grape Fizz

Supercharge your day with the brand new, incredibly refreshing Grape Fizz flavor of Lost & Found Energy.

Well that’s where Lost & Found Energy Drink comes in. We’ve covered it before and loved it. Now they have another delectable flavor to add to the lineup:

Healthier, Energy-Packed Soda

Lost & Found Energy Drink is formulated with an essential goal in mind: giving you that boost without an insane amount of caffeine.

While many other energy drinks on the market load their drinks with the equivalent of 4 cups of coffee and even more sugar, Lost & Found Energy keeps it simple: 150 milligrams of caffeine, 1 gram of taurine, and a bit of sucralose as a sweetening agent.

Even more, it tastes great – which is an extremely important component to any energy drink.

Grape Fizz – Excellent for Sipping

There’s something so iconically refreshing about grapes. Whether it’s a hot summer’s day or right before a grueling workout, grape flavors just hit the spot. Add in some carbonation – some good old fashioned fizz – and you have a delightfully satisfying drink to sip on.

Lost and Found Energy

Now exclusive at The Vitamin Shoppe, Lost & Found has a Grape Fizz drink! Bolstered with a great nootropic support ingredient, it’s the perfect fuel for getting your edge back.

We’re going to dive into how Lost & Found Energy Drink works, but first, let’s check the PricePlow for good Lost & Found deals, and our video review of the new flavor:

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Lost & Found Energy Drink – How It Works

Lost & Found Energy IngredientsLost & Found Energy Drink is a pretty sleek formula compared to the loaded offerings that consume the pre-workout market, but has more than much of the mainstream energy drink market – with less caffeine. It has two primary bioactive ingredients: caffeine and taurine. Let’s run through why they’re helpful for getting your energy and performance revved up:

  • Caffeine – 150mg

    Caffeine is, of course, one of the most popular substances on the planet. It has been consumed and studied extensively for its ability to give you that extra “pep” in your step, but how does it do that exactly?

    Caffeine works by blocking adenosine from binding to receptors in your brain, helping to fight fatigue and increase neural activity, even in the face of stress and sleep deprivation. It also inhibits the enzyme phosphodiesterase, which breaks down the messenger molecule cAMP. Because cAMP stimulates metabolism, increasing its levels through caffeine consumption can raise your basal metabolic rate and even boost fat burning by up to 50%.

    Studies have shown caffeine consumption is associated with increased strength, endurance, and power. But the benefits of caffeine don’t stop there – it also has impressive nootropic effects, including faster reaction times, improved attention, and increased alertness.

    In Lost & Found Energy Drink, we have 150 milligrams of caffeine. This is a pretty moderate dose. More than a cup of coffee, but less than some of the 400-milligram formulas we’re seeing hit the shelves more and more. Just enough for a nice boost without the extra jitters and other negative side effects.

  • Taurine – 1 gram

    Lost & Found Energy Flavors

    Lost & Found Energy Drink comes in a variety of awesome flavors, like Orange Splash and Cherry Lemonade!

    Taurine is an amino acid that is considered conditionally essential, meaning your body can produce some of it on its own, but not enough to meet daily requirements for optimal performance.

    Taurine boasts both physical and cognitive benefits. It has been shown to improve muscular endurance, along with oxidative stress and insulin sensitivity. In addition, taurine has exhibited a broad array of positive mental effects from improved learning and memory to potential anxiolytic effects.

    Here we see a dose of 1000 milligrams, which is a pretty standard dose that we see in many pre-workout supplements, but not many energy drinks. Lost & Found, however, delivers for us, and will hopefully help the sports nutrition industry continue to push the lagging energy drink market.

For a more in-depth analysis on the ingredients, check out our main article on Lost & Found Energy Drink.

All Lost & Found Energy Drink flavors

Lost & Found Energy Drink launched with a few other flavors as well. Check out our up-to-date list below:

Lost & Found Energy Cans

    A Sensible, Delicious Energy Drink

    Energy drinks that have the caffeine dial turned up to 11 have their place. Sometimes the situation calls for giving up a bit of sleep for that mega-boost. Most of the time, though, we just want a little edge to get through whatever we’re doing at a heightened capacity.

    Lost & Found Energy Drink treads this line very well. Coming in at 150 milligrams of caffeine, it will get your metabolism churning without many of the side effects associated with larger doses. With the added taurine, Lost & Found is an all-around great choice if you are looking for some physical and mental enhancement.

    Add in sweet, refreshing flavors like Grape Fizz, and you have yourself an awesome energy drink. If you want a taste, Lost & Found Energy Drink can be found at Vitamin Shoppe locations around the county.

    Lost and Found Energy Drink – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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    No spam, no scams.

    Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

    Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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