Hi-Tech Laxogenin 100: Affordable Optimized Delivery Laxo

Hi-Tech Laxogenin 100

Hi-Tech has released their very own plant-powered muscle builder in Laxogenin 100 featuring Cyclosome Delivery Technology.

All guys love to make gains; however, not every guy wants to resort to prohormones and steroids to make those jaw-dropping gains. Sure, there’s plenty of natural muscle builders on the market like creatine and betaine, but after you’ve given those a shot, you’re probably looking for something a little more potent, but not quite in the realm of anabolics.

But what about plant steroids?!

Laxogenin represents an all-natural alternative to those hazardous compounds that can bring some serious gains. The problem is that these 5-alpha-hydroxy-Laxogenin supplements are notoriously expensive and often times not incredibly effective for the sheer fact that laxogenin suffers from poor bioavailability. However, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has answered the challenge with their latest release.

Laxogenin 100 combines the muscle-building plant power of laxogenin with Cyclosome Delivery Technology for maximum absorption and efficacy. And it’s an affordable option to boot!

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Laxogenin 100 Ingredients

As we briefly mentioned up top, Hi-Tech’s Laxogenin 100 is a pure laxo product. The only other addition is the inclusion of Cyclosome Delivery technology to enhance the poor bioavailability of laxogenin.

  • Laxogenin (100mg)

    Hi-Tech Laxogenin 100 Ingredients

    Laxogenin 100 is pure laxogenin along with Cyclesome Delivery for enhanced absorption.

    5-alpha-hydroxy-Laxogenin, Laxogenin for short, is a well-known natural muscle-building ingredient extracted from the plant Smilax Sieboldii, a relative of the asparagus plant. Laxogenin is a steroidal sapogenins that’s a member of the plant-based steroids family known as brassinosteroids. These plant steroids are located in the pollen, leaves, and seeds in several plants.[1]

    If all of that sounds too confusing, sum it up as this — Laxogenin is a plant steroid that’s naturally occurring and found in plants related to asparagus.

    As for effects, laxogenin is believed to enhance muscle protein synthesis in the body while reducing protein breakdown.[2,3] In addition to building muscle and enhancing recovery, this gives laxogenin a number of prominent benefits including[4,5]:


    Laxogenin is a strength-boosting plant “steroid” that’s the answer to declining strength levels coming off cycle.

    • Lower stress
    • Reduce pain
    • Control blood sugar
    • Adaptogenic properties
    • Reduce LDL (“bad” cholesterol)
    • Boost strength
    • Regulate cortisol
    • Enhance thyroid production
    • Enhance body composition and lean body mass

In other words, this plant is packing some serious power, provided it’s delivered the right way!

The biggest effect we typically see in users is a small boost of strength. Don’t let the “plant steroid” thing fool you – it’s not as strong as an actual steroid or prohormone. But it seems a lot safer and can do things like possibly help elevate your 1 rep max over a sticking point.

Cyclosome Delivery Technology Included!


Cyclosome is a new supplement ingredient delivery technology made by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals that combines the forces of two other delivery systems. This should make for prohormones that require smaller doses

The main problem with laxogenin is that it has relatively poor bioavailability in the body, thus the reason so many other laxo products on the market seem to not really work. However, Hi-Tech has included their patented Cyclosome delivery system to enhance Laxogenin’s bioavailability.

The reason Cyclosome works so well is that it suspend the active ingredients in a lipid and then places in a cyclodextrin. Essentially, envision Cyclosome as a “best of both worlds” method for encapsulation where you encapsulate your target compound in a sugar molecule and e envelope it in a lipid-based delivery system, thereby protecting it from premature degradation.

We’ve got loads more info on Cyclosome in our mega post titled: Cyclosome: New Age Liposome + Cyclodextrin Delivery System. Head there if you want all the gory details, but just realize this — delivery technology will make laxogenin work like you’ve always hoped.

Hi-Tech’s Been Busy!

Ultimate Orange

Yes, it’s true! Hi-Tech has brought ULTIMATE ORANGE back to the masses!

Our regular readers know that Hi-Tech’s had a ton of news lately! If you’re not up to speed, check out the other recent products:


Take 2 tablets daily.


Not everyone is comfortable using prohormones or synthetic steroids to make giant gains. Laxogenin provides an all-natural way to make significant gains in strength and muscle size, provided you’re using an optimal delivery method. Hi-Tech accomplishes all of this in their new Laxogenin 100 supplement.

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Hi-Tech Laxogenin 100 Label

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