Lipodrene ELITE: Say Hello to the Fat Burner with COCA Leaves

Lipodrene Elite

Hi-Tech is about to set the world ablaze with the newest version with Lipodrene Elite, featuring a new novel stimulant extracted from Coca Leaf!

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene has long been known as one of the most popular and effective fat loss agents around — there’s a reason it’s our top rated fat burner on PricePlow!

Over the years, Hi-Tech has expanded upon its flagship ephedra-based fat burner with the even more extreme Lipodrene Hardcore as well as an ephedra free version of the original Lipodrene.

But sometimes, “hardcore” isn’t enough.

Known as a true leader in ingredient innovation, Hi-Tech is once again about to set the industry on notice with Lipodrene Elite — the world’s first fat burner to feature an extract from coca leaves!!

Yes, we just said coca leaves. Keep reading, because this is really happening, and it’s going to be unlike anything you’ve ever tried!

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Our Lipodrene Elite Review

Yeah… this one’s going to screw up our Top 10 Fat Burners list because it’s simply awesome:

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Lipodrene Elite Ingredients

You weren’t seeing things in the introduction, Lipodrene Elite does indeed contain extract from coca leaves – you know the ones (they’re used Coca-Cola!) In fact, it’s the very first ingredient in the new version of Lipodrene, so you know the dose is going to be strong. Let’s dig in:

Note: Doses listed below are based on 1 serving (i.e. 1 capsule).

  • Proprietary Blend (473mg)

    • Erythroxylum Coca leaves

      Lipodrene Elite Ingredients

      WHOA! You read that right…Lipodrene Elite contains a brand new stimulant derived from the same plant from which cocaine is!

      The leaves of Erythroxylum coca have been used for thousands of years by the Incas to combat hunger and fatigue. While cocaine can be derived from the leaves of the plant, there’s actually little to no drug-like effects when taken orally. Moreover, the plant only contains 0.6% cocaine in its dried leave, while there are 18 other alkaloids that exist within the plant.[1,2]

      Weight Loss in Animal Studies

      One study has investigated E. Coca leaf extract on weight loss in rats and found it to be surprisingly effective, and come with significantly less tolerance buildup than cocaine HCl, which was also administered to the rats.[3]

      18 Alkaloids… which one could it be?

      And if you’re worried about consuming any cocaine here, don’t be. There is a cocaine-free extract of e. Coca as documented in US Patent 4956429,[4] so there’s a good chance Hi-Tech is using this or something similar to test free of any illegal substances.

      Coca Leaf Extract

      The coca leaves used for this extract[1]

      We’re not sure what exact constituents and alkaloids Hi-Tech is going for here, but the patent cited above mentions the precursor ecgonine as one of the many.[4]

      Johnson, 1994 found methylecgonine, hygrine, tropinone, trans-cinnamoylcocaine, cis-cinnamoylcocaine, cuscohygrine, and tropacocaine.[2] Another study additionally found benzoylecgonine, methylecgonine, pseudotropine, benzoyltropine, tropacocaine, alpha- and beta-truxilline, cuscohygrine, and nicotine.[21]

      So if you’re looking to dive even deeper, those are the constituents you could start with, and there’s a good chance it’s a combination of some of these (the legal ones, at least).

      Coca Leaf Growth

      Research shows that the coca leaf constituents change as the leaf grows[2] – so harvest time is an important factor in what we’re getting.

    • Senegalia Berlandieri

      Now we come back to what is in the other versions of Lipodrene.

      Acacia Rigidula Research

      On its own, 250mg Acacia Rigidula outperforms 30mg ephedrine in VO2 testing.[5,6] Senegalia Berlandieri is extremely similar to this acacia.

      This extract is remarkably similar to Acacia Rigidula extract and provides a 170mg dose of PEA alkaloids including B-Phenylethylamine and N-Methyl-B-Phenylethylamine, to name a few. This mix gives a great mood & energy boost thanks to stimulation of adrenaline and dopamine production.

      Research has shown that acacia extract (which this is virtually identical to) was shown to have similar, if not superior, energy-burning effect than 30mg of ephedrine![5,6]

      These PEA alkaloids hit hard and they hit fast – so even if you didn’t add the coca extract above, this is quite the stimulant with a lot of pop and it seems extremely effective in suppressing appetite.

    • Citrus Aurantium (25mg Synephrine)


      Compared to Higenamine, another well-known beta agonist, Synephrine is much fast acting. Helping to get you shredded that much quicker.

      Citrus Aurantium is a common plant extract used in fat burners and pre workouts. It’s also known as bitter orange. Here, Hi-Tech has standardized for synephrine a powerful beta-2 agonist that works in a manner similar to ephedrine. But unlike ephedrine, it doesn’t exert any of the amphetamine-like qualities.[7]

    • Green Tea

      Green tea extract has become almost a standard in fat burners these days, as it appears just about as frequently as caffeine does! There’s good reason too, as green tea extract has been proven to enhance weight loss and fat burning.[8,9]

    • 2-Aminoisoheptane (DMHA)

      It simply wouldn’t be a Hi-Tech fat burner if we didn’t get an ‘extra’ stimulant in at some point, and we’ve got plenty here!

      DMHA increases norepinephrine production, which substantially increases mood as well as energy. Anecdotal accounts also attribute a bit to appetite suppression action as well, but we usually note it for its euphoric properties.

      DMAA Lawsuit Motion to Vacate

      The fight continues! Read Hi-Tech’s Motions and Press Release first on PricePlow

      Whereas Senegalia Berlandieri has legitimate fat-burning effects, this lends the “feel-good” effects in Lipodrene Elite, and anecdotally adds a lot of the appetite suppression.

      Meanwhile, the DMAA Legal Battle Rages On

      For those of you wondering, Hi-Tech Pharma is still battling the FDA over the legality of DMAA, and due to the fact that DMAA is consistently found in certain geranium plants and oils (despite what some “studies” ultimately claimed), Hi-Tech argues that it is DSHEA-compliant as a constituent of geraniums, and is thus legal as a supplement.

      However, until that is settled, Hi-Tech Pharma has switched to DMHA / 2-aminoisoheptane.

    • Theobromine

      Juliana Daniel Lipodrene Elite

      We’re excited to hear what @HiTechPharma and @APSNutrition athlete @JulianaDaniell thinks of Lipodrene Elite!

      A relative of caffeine, theobromine is the mood boosting ingredient that’s given dark chocolate such a stellar reputation in recent years as a mood enhancer. In additional to mood elevation, theobromine also works with caffeine to provide smooth, long-lasting energy which will carry throughout the day.[11]

    • Caralluma Extract

      Caralluma Extract comes from a variety of cactus that’s rich in a number of alkaloids, but the one we’re really interested in is Pregnane Glycosides. It functions quite similar to Hoodia extract (another form of cactus extract) in its ability to crush appetite.[12,13] No longer will you spend hours in between feedings craving those “naughty” foods that can derail your diet.

    • Naringen & 6,7 Dihydroxybergamottin

      We’ve combined these two ingredients, as they’re both polyphenols found in grapefruit. Research indicates that naringin functions as a stimulant while  dihydroxybergamottin acts similar to piperine, in that it inhibits the enzymes that usually break down all of the other beneficial substances in your product.[14] Combining the two should help to sustain naringin’s energy-boosting abilities for even more prolonged energy release.

      Hi-Tech Lipodrene Elite

      Lipodrene Elite: Made from only the finest coca leaf extract!

    • 5-Methoxytryptamine HCl & 5-HTP

      Again we’ve combined these two ingredients due to their unique relationship in regards to serotonin production.

      5-HTP is a compound the body creates from the amino acid from tryptophan which is subsequently converted to serotonin. Usually, people consume 5-HTP to improve sleep or combat stress and anxiety.[15,16]

      Other research indicates 5-HTP may actually help combat obesity. Several studies have been conducted on 5-HTP beneficial aspects on suppressing appetite, and improving satiety and weight loss.[17,18,19]

      5-MOT is naturally occurring in the body and is identical to serotonin, except with the addition of an extra methyl group. 5-MOT prevents serotonin from being broken down in the body, which indirectly boosts circulating serotonin levels.

      Tryptophan to 5-HTP to Serotonin

      The Tryptophan to 5-HTP to Serotonin conversion. Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

    • Yohimbe Extract

      Last up in this massive fat-fighting blend, is yohimbe extract, an extremely potent fat storage blocker and appetite suppressant.[20] While we don’t know how much there is, Hi-Tech Pharma usually standardizes their extracts to include about 1.5-3mg of yohimbine per capsule. That would be just enough to get the effects, without making you overly anxious.

  • Caffeine (150mg)

    Each capsule of Lipodrene Elite features an incredibly reasonable 150mg caffeine. Given all of the other stimulants hitting your CNS in Lipodrene Elite, there’s simply no need to go with an absurd amount of caffeine. You’ll have plenty of energy to get moving during the day, as well as the added appetite suppression and fat oxidation that’s supported by the inclusion of caffeine.

A bit more on the Coca Leaf Extract

We needed more info on Erythroxylum coca, so we pressed Hi-Tech for more info:

“The leaves of the coca plant contain several alkaloids and Coca leaves have been chewed and consumed as tea for thousands of years in the high Andes. They are rich in many essential nutrients; Scientific studies have both confirmed that in their natural form, the leaves are completely safe and non-addictive.

Traditional medical uses of coca are foremost as a stimulant to overcome fatigue, hunger, and thirst. In Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, indigenous people chew coca leaves for energy to work all day long without eating. The stimulant effects of Coca leaves have been used for centuries and we believe from our pilot studies they are extremely synergistic with DMHA, caffeine, and our proprietary phenylethylamine alkaloids.

Coca alkaloids are unique in that they have the ability to cause release of catecholamines like norepinephrine and dopamine and serotonin. Serotonin is known for its ability to act as an appetite suppressant and to elevate your mood. Dopamine—a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers and regulates movement and emotional responses—which the brain uses dopamine to tell the body when to stop eating.

Many people have a norepinephrine deficiency in the brain. Simply stated, these people are always hungry and never feel full. They crave starchy foods, are always depressed, feel exhausted, and have attention difficulties. Most dieters need to raise their levels of norepinephrine to lose weight. Ingredients like coca leaves that elevate norepinephrine is “easily the best tool we have.”

Hi-Tech believes with the release of Lipodrene Elite we have turned the Diet & Energy category on its head. Hi-Tech has been at the forefront on the Diet & Energy for 20 years and we believe this is our crown jewel in the weight loss arena.

— Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

But will it make me pop for a drug test?

Many people have asked about drug tests with this, and the official answer is no, it will not make you pop for a drug test, but Mike decided to put it to the test:

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As you can see right there in the thumbnail, it did not test positive for anything. In the video you’ll see Mike take Lipodrene Elite at 4pm the day before, and 90 minutes prior to the urine test in the beginning.

Lipodrene Elite is Ephedra-Free

Unlike the original Lipodrene, this is ephedra-free. Fans of Lipodrene shouldn’t worry much though — as discussed in our main ephedra article, when you see this in modern fat burners, it’s without the ephedrine alkaloids, and is more like a “green tea extract” in terms of potency at this point. It’s really the DMHA, PEA Alkaloids from senegalia, and now this erythroxylum coca leaf extract that do all the work!



Lipodrene Elite sound a bit too much for you? Then step it back to regular Lipodrene, which 100mg caffeine per tablet alongside the PEA Alkaloids from senegalia berlandieri.

The dosing is the same as Lipodrene – Consume 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet after lunch. Do not exceed 4 tablets daily — but we honestly think that you should limit it to 3 total per 24-hour period, and never two or more at the same time! One a time, seriously!

If you’re concerned about the strength of this product, you can do two things:

  1. Go back down to the regular Lipodrene and see how that fares, or
  2. Take this while on a full stomach so that the stimulants don’t hit as hard and as fast

Stay hydrated too, Lipodrene can often make you sweat and it feels better when you’re hydrated.


Seriously, does it even matter what we think here? You know we’re going to try it simply because of one ingredient. And if you’re a stimulant-lover and love trying new products, this is simply a must-try fat burner – and we’re not even talking about this year, but this month.

Hi-Tech once again delivers a solid addition to the Lipodrene line of high potency fat burners. Lipodrene Elite represents the next evolution in appetite suppression thanks to the inclusion of e. Coca leaf extract which is sure to amp up the effects and stim-kick of this cutting edge fat burner.

As if suing the US federal government weren’t enough, Hi-Tech just showed that they have the biggest cajones in the industry. Lipodrene Elite is next-level even for them, but at this point, we’re not even surprised. We’re just ready to buy it and try it.

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

Lipodrene Elite Label


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