CORE Nutritionals 12 Days of Crushmas Arrives for 2023

Merry Christmas PricePlow Nation!

Our friends at CORE Nutritionals are back at it with their annual 12 Days of Crushmas Holiday promotion, and they’ve kicked it off with an announcement on Instagram:

They’ve released the following image, so we may be able to expect a Home Alone theme this year:

Core Nutritionals Crushmas 2023

CORE Nutritionals’ Crushmas 2023 Deals

Crushmas isn’t just about epic movies, though — it’s really about 12 days of fantastic deals (sorry, you can’t stack PRICEPLOW code with them)!

See the latest Crushmas deal at or follow Core at @CoreNutritionals on Instagram
Core Nutritionals ISO Clear Fun Sweets

Core Nutritionals ISO Clear Fun Sweets Cotton Candy

Core’s been busy lately, as you probably know — so we’re hopeful for some deals on the latest amazing Core releases (no promises though):

Every day there’s a new sale, so check in on Core every morning!

Flashback to Crushmas 2022: Crush Hard

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CORE Nutritionals Crushmas 2022

The above video is probably NSFW (unless you work at a cool company like CORE), and puts a Crushmas spin on the legendary Christmas movie, Die Hard. The villian is played by Patrick Mabe, who we featured on the PricePlow Podcast in Episode #073.

More coming — Stay up to date with CORE at PricePlow

As always, you can sign up for our CORE Nutritionals News on PricePlow or in the area below.

What will Core be doing in the future months? We’re not sure, but they’ve been on fire with the Fun Sweets and Moose Tracks collabs. For those of you in bulking season, we don’t want you to forget about Core BOLIC and Moose Tracks Pudd’n either, though!

Stay tuned…

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