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Shauna Perry Preps for NPC USA’s Women’s Physique

Hodge Fitness athlete Shauna Perry is preparing for the 2013 NPC USA Women’s Physique competition with Jed Hodge and took the time to put up a workout video of a recent chest and lower back workout.

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Some takeaways from the video

We’ve covered Jed Hodge’s upper chest training philosophy in a previous blog post and a lot of the same training philosophies and emphasis on the upper chest can be seen in this workout.


Shauna is doing an hour of cardio per day, 40 minutes in the morning, and a quick 20 minute bout after her workout.

Incline Bench Press

By keeping the elbows close to the body and arching the back with a high incline, this lift can be targeted much more an the upper chest, an area that Shauna needed further development.

Flat DB Press

Shauna Perry

Busted ‘Mirin!

Jed has Shauna keep her elbows in and only push around 75% extension on reps here to keep tension and focus on the chest, and spare strain on the shoulder joint.  Focus is also given to slow negatives and explosive movement on the up.

Incline DB Flys

Here we see more details to focus the chest more, with the bench inclined more than normal and the back arched so that the chest is flat towards the ceiling.  Additionally on the final sets of this exercise, Jed has her push the arms out at an angle, and then pull the arms together, focussing mainly on the upper chest and taking the biceps out of the lift as much as possible.

Incline Hammer Press

Jed works in several variants on this exercise, from heavy weight with low volume to different range of motion patterns.  In this workout Jed has Shauna burn out the muscle with some low weight high rep sets.


Shauna keeps her elbows tucked in and back arched to provide a lot more focus on the lower back.  They are working in this back work on chest day to help her lower back development catch up with the rest of her physique.  These focus pull-ups have provided big lower back gains in the past two months.

Underhand DB Rows

The final exercise in the workout are underhand dumbbell rows, another lower lat exercise to help provide some more back development.

If you’re in Hawaii, then hook up with Jed Hodge Fitness, who is an elite personal trainer for all types of individuals, including bodybuilders!

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