PricePlow Announces Free Blood Testing Program

PricePlow Prohormone Blood Testing Program

Do it right or don’t do it at all! PricePlow is willing to pay for your blood tests on approved prohormones / testosterone boosters that you (or the brand) buy! Blood courtesy AliceInUnderland

If you’ve been following PricePlow for a while, you’ll know that we generally keep up with the natural supplement world. We’ve typically shied away from steroids, prohormones, and other anabolics.

The main reason is that we simply didn’t have enough in-house expertise to write knowledgeably about them, and none of the three main guys behind PricePlow, nor our three closest advisors, are users.

But you may have noticed that things are changing. Our long-time sponsor, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, is getting back into the prohormone game in a serious way, and we’re coming along for the ride.

Over the years in running this business, one philosophy we’ve emphasized is to do it right or don’t do it at all. So if we’re going to get into this game, we’re bringing our A-game.

Introducing the PricePlow Blood Testing Program

So how do you properly log or review an aggressive anabolic? Besides getting before/after pics, the main thing is to get blood tests. Yet there’s nearly no blood tests out there, or they’re buried deep in forums where nobody can find them.

So today, we’ve decided that all reviews of prohormones, growth hormone boosters, and natural testosterone boosters must have before and after blood tests.

The product may come free from the supplement brand, but we will pay for any logger’s blood testing out of our pocket. This is obviously going to cost some cash, but it’s the best way to see how things are really working from a biological standpoint.

NOT official / clinical studies

Do it right or don’t do it at all

We understand that these are not clinical studies. If a product boosts testosterone levels for one person, it means nothing for the next guy. We cannot control someone’s diet or training for a month. Understand that. But we can definitely infer some useful info, and it’s better than a simple written review of something that “feels” good.

It will also be interesting to see what companies are willing to put their products on the line – a telling sign all on its own.

What blood tests will be given?

The tests given will depend on the supplement / prohormone. We will likely use Quest Diagnostics’ services at, assuming the logger has a draw center nearby.

For instance, if anyone is up for a supplement containing 4-DHEA (ie Hi-Tech Pharma’s Androdiol), we will buy you the full testosterone panel, but for good measure we’d also get the estrogen test and DHEA. Possibly IGF-1 as well.

Who is eligible?

iSatori CJ Amin

Is it time to see if Bio-Gro really boosts GH / IGF-1 levels after a month of use? CJ is in… who wants to find out?!?!

CJ from our YouTube channel will get the first choice in what supplements to try, but after that, we’re happy to open the doors to other good loggers out there. We’ll want you to have a quality post history on some other forum.

The program can be completely anonymous and any before/after pics can have the head blurred/cropped.

Contracts will be drawn up and signed to limit our liability. This is a “use at your own risk and only with a doctor’s consent” type of situation, and we are not buying the actual product.

If you’re interested, contact us.

What products are eligible?

We’re most interested in doing the following:

  • Hi-Tech Androdiol

    Androdiol has 4-Andro, which converts to testosterone… so we should be able to do legit tesosterone tests here to see how well it works, right?

    Any new legal prohormones that convert to testosterone (ie 4-Andro in Androdiol)
  • iSatori Bio-Gro (Update: Our Bio-Gro Review and IGF-1 / GH Blood Test is now done!)
  • Deer Antler Velvet / IGF-1 Spray – Likely put the nail in this scam’s coffin, but maybe not?
  • Any popular natural testosterone booster (Gaspari Nova-X anyone?)

The list can go on, but our business interests will be with the stuff that’s new, hot, or controversial.

Realize that we’re probably going to lose both time and money here. We need to get some traffic and click-through sales out of this to make up for the $200-500 each test will cost. But who cares, this is far more interesting than writing about yet another freakin lame pre workout supplement!

New writer and consultant: Introducing Pogue

To address content, we’ve brought on a new member to the team. His name is pogue, and he’s a moderator in the Bodybuilding forums.

Pogue was a key poster back in the days before they went all corporate and deleted their steroid section. He’s knowledgeable, experienced, well-researched, and a great writer – just the kind of guy we like to have around.

Pogue was also a key contributor to our new 1-Andro article – a compound we’ll need to get some relevant blood work on too.


Introducing Pogue!

You can follow Pogue on Twitter at

There’s not a whole lot of human-based clinical research on this stuff, and the laws are constantly changing, so you really need to have a good theoretical basis for much of it. For well over a decade, Pogue has been able to do this, so we welcome him to our team.

In typical PricePlow form, our content will be a quasi mix of science and theoretical broscience, and we’ll always suggest do our best to make conservative suggestions to users (ie nobody under 23 years old with prohormones, and we’ll always recommend legitimate prescription-strength post cycle therapy, so get your endocrinologist visits ready).

Not a substitute for forums

PricePlow still does not have a forum, although we’re exploring the idea. If we were to do it, it wouldn’t be yet another vBulletin forum, to say the least.

Our logs and blood tests will be posted here on the blog – where the log goes on top and the comments stay on bottom, keeping the signal-to-noise ratio high.

Discussion forums still have their place though, and this isn’t meant to be a replacement for that kind of discourse. Consider PricePlow’s published blood tests as more of a.. supplement, if you will. We’re simply trying to get above the noise and shilling to provide some actually useable and actionable information.

Anyway, long story short, let’s do this. Who wants a blood test and what products do you want to see reviewed first? Contact us to get in on the action.

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