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NOW Whey Protein Isolate Review – Vanilla

It’s our first PricePlow Disapproved Product review!!

In this video, I review NOW Foods Whey Protein Isolate, specifically the awful “natural” vanilla flavor.

We have some funny moments in this video, but here’s the synopsis:

TL;DW Review

NOW Whey Protein Isolate Review

NOW Whey Protein Isolate Review

  • I love NOW / NOW Foods / NOW Sports for nearly everything. This is an AWESOME value brand that does practically no advertising. They go hand in hand with the PricePlow MO.
  • Simply put, it tastes awful. This is the worst vanilla I have ever had.
  • Part of that reason is because they used straight fructose as half of the flavor system. You might call that “natural”, but I call it disgusting and unnecessary carbs for an isolate.
  • And finally, WTF is that scooper?! It’s an awkward mess!

If you still want to get a hold of this, head over to http://www.priceplow.com/now-foods/whey-protein-isolate and compare deals.

Otherwise, take pretty much anything else from our Whey Protein Isolate section. I like Cellucor Super Sport for taste and Muscle Gauge or IsoFUEL for value.

NOW is just in no man’s land, with less taste and less value.

PricePlow Disapproved

How about this – I’ll stop wearing Browns shirts during negative reviews when they post a winning season record, or when people stop making disgusting proteins with alien scoopers. The idea was given to me by my girlfriend, who happens to be a Broncos fan. Figures.

Update: Oh, and here is the video on why you should beware straight fructose (yea, the 2.5g/scoop in this isn’t going to kill you, but it’s a good FYI). It’s long and awesome.

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