The Atlas Wearable Wristband: A Mobile Muscle Manager

Atlas Wearable

The Atlas Wearable is one of the newest fitness gadgets this is going to revolutionize the way we track our workouts and progress!”

Could it be? Finally a fitness tracker that’s good for weight lifters?! Let’s find out…

Whether we like it or not, technology is everywhere. From laptops to TVs to watches to cell phones, we are literally inundated with electronic beeps and whistles wherever we go. The gym used to be an oasis in the desert away from all manner of gadgets and gizmos.

A place you could go to get away from everything else that clutters life and just de-stress by lifting lots and lots of heavy crap… not anymore…

In the present time a simple pen, paper, and stopwatch are not quite “new age” enough for the modern gym buff. This trend of electronic tracking started simple enough with basic set and rep tracker on cell phones and iPads and heart rate monitors that somewhat measured caloric burn, but never truly reliable.

The technology and fitness industry have become interesting bedfellows and combined forces to far surpass anything we could have imagined.

Enter the new age of mobile fitness tracking, coming in the very soon future:

The Atlas Wearable.

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What is it?

Current fitness trackers are glorified pedometers and heart rate monitors. That all changes with The Atlas Wristband, a wearable wristband that measures every aspect of your fitness ventures. It identifies different types of exercises you perform, evaluates your form, counts the number of sets and reps you do, and measures how many calories you burn while exercising.

Movement Tracking tech

The Atlas is powered by two 32-bit ARM M4 processors, and uses a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope.  These sensors are similar to those found in smartphones. The Atlas sensors track your movement in a three-dimensional trajectory and identify the specific motion of each exercise, giving each one its own unique “fingerprint”. This allows the Atlas to track and identify all kinds of various fitness activities from jogging to push ups to squats.

Real-Time Tracking

Atlas Wearable Circuitry

The Atlas using sensors similar to what you would find in your smartphone to track your movements in 3D giving it unparalleled movement recognition!

With The Atlas wristband, there is no need to bring a phone or iPad for tracking to the gym, unless you need music to listen to. It can track your body in all planes of motion and can tell the difference between doing a barbell curl or alternating dumbbell curl or the difference between a standard shoulder-width push up and a close-grip diamond push up.

There’s no need to punch buttons or scroll through endless menus like you would need to on fitness apps on a cell phone. The Atlas logs every aspect of your workout and tracks your heart rate, so when you pull up the data afterwards, you can see how each exercise impacted your overall energy expenditure.

On-Site Coaching

Atlas comes standard with a “Coach Mode” that has a library of programmed routines that select and perform. Additionally, you can also program your own workout routines into it (through the use of the companion app which can be downloaded onto your smartphone), should you be creating your own personal hybrid style workout.

The wristwatch display gives you instant feedback on the type, speed and quality of each exercise as you perform them. You can then use that feedback to see your progress in terms of improvement in overall sets and reps from one workout to another. Additionally, the Atlas helps you anticipate plateaus in your lifts and help you unlock what to do to get bigger, stronger, and faster.

Atlas also eliminates the need to have a coach or personal trainer constantly around monitoring rest periods and form. It’s equipped with a vibration motor that vibrates to mark the beginning and end of each set.

Finally, Atlas provides coaching tips that critiques your form on exercises or your overall workout routine. For example, if you’re on your 3rd straight day of chest workouts, Atlas would say, “you’ve worked chest three days in a row, go do some squats to grow your chicken legs!” Well, it may not use those exact words, but it will alert you if you are neglecting certain body parts and over-emphasizing others too much.

Atlas Wearable App

The Atlas wristband syncs with a smartphone app that allows you to view workout parameters and monitor how you progress from week to week. You can also program your own workouts or select from an existing library.

Is It Worth It?

Let’s get down to brass tacks though. Most of you reading this spend 75% of your time lifting weights and could care less about the exact way in which the Atlas measure your fitness progress. You want to know the results, not how the sensors track every muscle twitch and neuron firing in your body.

Here’s the bottom line. If it works as advertised, the Atlas stands to revolutionize fitness tracking and mapping. The current exercise database is somewhat limited, but continually being updated and revised. The first batch of wristbands should be ready to ship by mid-2015 and are available for pre-order currently.

Once these hit the market and are put through everyday wear and tear will determine their ultimate success and applicability to the average gym rat.

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