New Feature: Automatic Hot Deal Alerts for Nutrition Products

We’ve had a great string of huge discounts on our hot deals page. Now things are even better.

To learn about the latest deals, you no longer need to see our posts on Facebook, Twitter, or bookmark the page. You can now sign up for automatic hot deal alerts and we’ll email you (max once per day) with the deals.

How do I sign up?

Go to and click any red button that looks like this:

PricePlow Deal Alerts

Get the Drop

After you click…

  • If you are already logged in:

    A popup will confirm that you’re monitoring the hot deals.

  • If you’re not logged in:

    Update: This process has been cleaned up.

    Now, you will will see a popup box to enter your email. After that, the price alerts will be set! They will begin sending once you activate your account.

    Note: Our next feature is to revamp the following process to make it more intuitive.

    • First, you’ll be taken to our registration page.
    • To register, put your email address in.
    • You will then be taken back to the deals page, where you can click on the button again.
    • This time, you’ll be successfully subscribed.

Or check out your settings page

Users can also sign up by checking the button on your user settings page that says “Send me updates on new hot deals”:

My test user shown above is also going to receive price drop updates on any PES or Giant Sports products, as well as the entire protein powder and pre workout supplements category trees.

How many emails is this?

Don’t worry about too much spam – this is all rolled into one email per day, which fires off at around 7pm Eastern Time.

That said, if you’re monitoring a busy category like fat burners, expect to get multiple emails per week.

What makes for a hot deal?

We have a hot deal criteria at the bottom of the deals page here. It’s not set in stone, but when it comes to hot deals, we’re looking for serious price drops.

What about the category/brand/product price drop alerts?

Anytime the lowest price drops at least 6%, it triggers. At some point in the future, we might make this customizable, but not for now.

As I write this, I realize we never publicized these price drop alerts, so when the login system is updated, we’ll make a video explaining it.

It’s all about cheaper protein

The main thing we’re realizing is that you should never pay expensive retail prices on your protein. There’s always a good deal out there, especially if you’re not crazy picky.

Still paying retail for protein?

Still paying retail for protein?

Let us know if you have any feedback and we’ll continue to improve the system with more stores and more deals.

Thanks! -Mike

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