March Madness 2017 – The 3rd Annual March SUPPness is Back!

March Madness 2017

It’s time for our third-annual March SUPPness! Pick winners and upsets to win supplements from participating brands!

It’s back!

PricePlow is once again running a March Madness bracket challenge, known as March SUPPNESS 2017!

After last year’s big win by Muskrat394, who scored better than 99.5% of the entire world, it’s time to re-test your bracket skills and see if you will be crowned next King — and showered in supplements.

Last year, dozens of brands donated to the cause with our biggest-ever supplement giveaway, and we’re going for broke once again! We’re still working on securing commitments, but first things first, get your bracket in before it’s too late!!

Click here to enter March SUPPness at ESPN

After entering, message us on Facebook or leave a blog comment below stating your bracket name so we know who’s who.

Formutech Lean-EFX Under Dog Challenge

BONUS Contest: Win a bottle of Formutech Nutrition Lean EFX by picking the number of first round upsets!

Winners announced!

See your name on this list??

Then message us on social or email us at to make sure we have your name and mailing address because you got some supps with your name on it!!!

We tried to make LOTS of winners (can’t let Buffy have it all!) and it took forever digging through upsets and someone who picked SC over Duke, so no complaining! A fun year as always!

March SUPPness Winners

We’ll also be running bonus prizes for wild upset picks, so weigh them in on your bracket. Some of the worst brackets still won a few prizes last year!

Bonus Round 1 Contest

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and Formutech Nutrition are running a separate contest — pick the number of upsets in the first round for a chance at a free bottle of the Lean EFX fat burner!

Click here or click the image to the right to join that one – it’s separate from your bracketology picks!

Callout to Brands!

If you run or represent a brand, get in touch with Mike or Robert ASAP to get listed on this page!

What are the Prize Commitments?

Below is the total list of prizes. Most will go to the top 5 winners, with the first three getting the most. Some will be randomly awarded.

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  • Brian Bartsche

    Brian44241 1

  • ari

    arigivony 2

  • PricePlow bracket is in!

    Had to take someone other than UK… and I’m counting on a strong showing from the state of IOWA on this one.

    Note: PricePlow employees and contractors are not allowed to win first or second prize. I am not allowed to win anything

    • Lizz

      lol sorry bout all your luck with iowa. i thought for-sure all 3 teams would go further.

      • LOL!! Thanks for your kind thoughts – I got ROCKED by those Iowa teams!!!

        I’m thinking about getting some retribution on the state. Like in our next free supplement contest (which will be way smaller than this one), not let any Iowa people to win. Hahaha… should I?

      • Lizz

        haha nooooo! don’t cut me out…they blasted my bracket too.

  • Scot Price

    My bracket name is Scot Price

  • Dvn

    Bracket is: dm8625 1

    Ready to go

  • Patrick Blancett

    Bracket name = PBlancett 1

  • Chris Lovely

    Bracket name: 1000 lb bracket


  • fritzo66

    The Cardiac Kidz

  • Fred Jernigan

    I’m in – felonious capers

  • jackbenbaruch

    my bracket name is jackbenbaruch1

  • Darren Nigo


  • Gino V Tini

    bracket name= mezzano27 1

  • Sameuchay

    Bracket name SammyDaBoss

  • Eduardo

    My Bracket name Usaintl1

  • Duong Nguyen

    Bracket name young_win

  • Andi

    Bracket name is andiaqua1

  • Gdubb

    Bracket name is This $ goin to my mancave

  • chaz69

    Bracket Name:
    chazter6 4

  • Jamar Averyhart

    Bracket name chalupa batman

  • Chris Cruz

    NeumaticMusic ;)

  • Will Werneck Carvalho

    Im on it! Willwern

  • Patrick Blancett

    Name is pblancett or pblancett1 I may have two, not very sure.

  • Colton Dean Matthews

    Bracket name: Colton Matthews1

  • Justin Vitrano

    Bracket name Flyers40

  • blainex

    Bracket name = agroupthink

  • Duong Nguyen

    Bracket name = young_win

  • LawrenceButler

    Joined, bracket name is Luckster by It_aint_Luck!
    GL all.

  • Cjsover

    Bracket Name:

  • Matthew Frye

    The Peppa’d Angus

  • Zach

    Bracket name: something

  • Kardo


  • Jim McQuinn

    Bracket Name is Irishman2545