March SUPPness 2018 – Our 4th Annual March Madness Contest is ON!

Yes, it’s once again happening, and we have over 100 supplements to give away!

March SUPPness 2018

That’youts right, it’s back, and we’re hoping to make the prize packs better than ever! Click here to get in!

PricePlow is back, running our March Madness bracket challenge better known as March SUPPNESS!

Last year it was all about the UNC winners, with the big pick by buffy5669, scoring better than 98.5% of the world. We can do better than that this year – and when you dominate with those upset picks, you’ll be able to win a sea of supplements from our partner brands!

Every year, dozens of brands donate to the cause, so we’re going for broke yet again! We’re still working on securing commitments, but first things first, get your bracket in before it’s too late!!

Click here to enter March SUPPness at ESPN

After entering, leave a comment below in our forum stating your bracket name so we know who’s who and can contact you when you win.

What are the Prizes?

  • Alpha Sponsor: Blue Star Nutraceuticals

    With that many bottles, nearly everyone’s going to win something!

    Blue Star Blade New

    Blue Star is taking over this contest! Can anyone compete?!

  • Beast Sports Nutrition

    Four stacks with the following:

    Super Sauna Black

    Rumor has it that this stuff will make you sweat like a mofo! We’ll be testing that out…

  • RedCon1: MRE Power Pack

    Win it all and get a stack with:

    A super upset pick will also get someone a tub of TOTAL WAR!

    RedCon1 MRE Bar Review

    Awwww yea! It’s as good if not better than hyped!

  • Performax Labs

    The MAXimum Strength Brand is going to give winners three stacks with:

    Performax Labs HyperMax

    Love this pre!!

  • ProSupps: All the newest gear is here!

    ProSupps has offered the following, to be divided up fairly:

    Hyde Power Potion

    YES! Some lucky winner will get a case of Hyde Power Potion… but that’s not all ProSupps has up for grabs!

  • NutraBio

    Prizes TBD, but we’re banking on a couple of PRE + Intra Blast stacks to winners of certain rounds!


    What will NutraBio Ben donate this year? We’re hoping for some Pre/Intra Stacks!


    One lucky winner is going to get a three month supply of AZOTH for this contest (will be sent every single month to winner for three months!)


    Three month nootropic supply? March SUPPness just got smart!

  • Vaxxen Labs

    • SERIOUS STACK: Ages 23+ and experienced users only! Androxx, Norrex, Axxis (1, 4 and 19nor Andro Stack!), Exxstane, Pillar, Descend — this is all supporting pills for the stack
    • Fulcrum (preworkout), Chainlink (BCAA) and WheyXX (protein)
    Vaxxen Labs

    A new brand to PricePlow, Vaxxen has some interesting keto products Mike is definitely going to try!

  • NTel Nutra

    Oh dear look out!! Things just got serious because NTel’s offering SIX months of your favorite Arez (Titan or Mega) as a prize!!

    NTel Pharma Mega-AREZ Collide

    Are you kidding – a six month Arez supply? Wow!

  • Granite Supplements: Home of the Mountain Dog!

    John Meadows has two prizes up for grabs:

    • Arc Reactor pre workout
    • Keto Factor X
    John Meadows Granite Supplements Arc Reactor Review

    Fantastic pumps, even for us smaller guys! Arc Reactor is up for grabs!

  • EVL Sports

    EVL has “a big EVL Stack”. We’re not sure what that means but it’s likely a pre, a protein, and some great stuff in between!

    EVL ENGN Girl Shaker

    EVL ENGN comes in a variety of delicious flavors to suit any taste

  • Outbreak Nutrition

    The Armageddon brand has committed!

    • Pre / Intra stack: Pathogen + Antidote
    • Crazy Upset Pick Winner: Reclaim + Shaker Cup
    Outbreak Nutrition Reclaim

    Yeah, you know we’re all over this product. Absolutely fantastic, and the branding is even crazier!

  • Sparta Nutrition

    Team Sparta is now down for:

    • Kraken + Hydr8 BCAA Stack to one winner
    • Keto Pre Extreme to another winner
    Sparta Keto Giveaway

    Hook us up with that keto pre workout, which anyone can enjoy really!

  • Dedicated Nutrition

    Finally, the epic Dedicated Nutrition is ready to take on the United States! Here’s their supply:

    • Three Unstoppable Pre Workout + BCAA + Water Jug + Funnel Stacks
    • Three T-Shirts to unexpected winning upset picks
    Dedicated Nutrition

    Stay Dedicated! It took Dedicated four years to perfect the Unstoppable pre workout. Are you that dedicated?

  • NooWave Supplements

    Looking for a great nootropic? NooWave’s donating two bottles of The High Performer!

    NooWave High Performer

    NooWave Supplements has reformulated their headlining productivity nootropic supplement The High Performer to make it even better than before, and now in a powder!

  • Blackstone Labs

    PJ and team are giving a 3-Whey for the 3rd place winner!

    Blackstone Labs

    Did you know Blackstone has a new protein ice cream coming?!

  • Nutrex Research

    Our friends in Orlando are providing an Ultrafit Series stack: (Pre, Amino, Fat Loss w/shaker!)

    Need an extra amino boost and hydration support during your workout? Grab Nutrex’s extremely well dosed Amino Charger+Hydration

  • Jerry Ward / GIFD Labs

    If Jerry’s got product in by April (and he says he should), he’s giving away a tub of his new GIFD Labs supplement. Stay tuned to PricePlow or BIOS3 Training for this one!!

    GIFD Labs

    Get It F’n Done! Jerry’s coming out with his new brand – who’s gonna win this epic prize?!

  • Suppz

    Yep, even stores can get involved. The best business in all of Wisconsin is tossing in two Suppz Swag Bags!

    Suppz Swag Bag Review

    This Suppz swag bag is loaded!

  • NutraCharge

    Three winners will each receive one bottle of NutraCharge’s Charged Aminos!

    These energy aminos taste so good!

    NutraCharge Charged Amino

    So good!

  • Merica Labz

    Merica Labz is giving their Red, White and Boom pre workout!

    Merica Labz Review

    OK OK OK, we admit that we freakin love Merica Labz. Despite that ‘z’!

  • Core Nutritionals

    CORE Nutritionals is bringing the FURY Extreme to the most extreme team name!

    CORE Fury Extreme

    CORE Fury Extreme for the Extreme Name!

  • Sinister Labs

    • SINFIT Bars (yess!!!!!)
    • Angry Mills Spreads
  • Sinister Labs SinFit Duo

    SinFit bars are available in four delicious flavors….which will you choose?

    We wanted the SinFit Cookies, but they’re already all sold out! They’re that good!!

  • Giant Sports

    As Giant Sports continues their move towards low-carb dieting, they’ve offered a 10 Serving Giant Keto, a shaker cup, and a Keto Coffee! We’ll make sure this one lands in the right hands!

    Keto Coffee

    Keto Coffee with the caffeinated coffee built-in – just add water!

  • Adaptogen Science

    Two prizes are going out:

    • Amino Sport + Tasty ISO to one winner
    • The new Tasty Protein Bars to an upset picker!
    Adaptogen Science Tasty ISO Car

    Tasty ISO makes a great traveling companion for the gym so you can quickly refuel your body following intense training.

  • The Genius Brand

    Team Genius is in!

    One of the top leaders gets a Genius Pre, and a crazy upset pick winner gets some Genius Caffeine.

    Genius Pre dalelrose

    “Huge shoutout to @dalelrose for giving Genius Pre a chance!!”

  • Jacked Factory

    Get ready for a bottle of Growth Surge to one lucky winner!!

    Jacked Factory Growth Surge Benefits

    Growth Surge can help reduce fatigue, enhance recovery, and improve performance.

  • NutraKey

    Our good friends at NutraKey are offering the loaded-up pre workout supplement, TruPre and BCAA Optima stack!

    NutraKey Supplements

    NutraKey doesn’t get enough attention around these parts… time to change that!

…more coming!

Now get in and Good Luck!

– Team PricePlow

Click here to enter March SUPPness at ESPN

After entering, leave a comment below in our forum stating your bracket name so we know who’s who and can contact you when you win.

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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