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Lat Exercises in BEAST Mode – Pulldown / Pullup Superset

Looking to amplify your lat exercises? Sometimes, a simple lat pulldown is not enough, and there’s a reason why – you’re not working the entire lat.

But when you do a wide-to-narrow superset, you’ll have something new to complain about the next day:

CJ and Amin’s Lat Pulldown / Pullup Superset Video

…featuring a guest appearance by Zangief in beast mode:

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CJ Explains the Training…

We did pullups (a drop set – wide grip as many as you can), then an assist – have someone spot you for another 5-10.

Then we come to narrow grip lat pulldowns, which changes the angle a little bit. Wide grips give abduction of the shoulder. The narrow-grip gives extension of the shoulder. This allows more deepness of the lower-lats.

Emphasize the arch in the back to get more of an extension.

Spotter Help is Huge

Lat Exercises with Amin Shahry and CJ Woodruff

Amin gets after it on the narrow grip. Spotting him on pullups is fun

Those final pullups with the spotter’s assistance is where the money is made. Those extra reps are the difference between a so-so workout and a great burn — especially when you follow it up with close-grip pull downs!

How to Spot a Pull-Up

As shown in the video, you can cross your legs, and push off of the spotter for just a bit of help. This allows you to control your spot, rather than the spotter controlling you.

Supplements Used in this Film

Pre Workout: ANS Ritual, ABB Speed Stack for Zangief Intra-Workout: Scivation Xtend for CJ, watered down 10% remaining Ritual for Mike Post-Workout: Prolab Whey Protein Isolate.

About CJ Woodruff

CJ Woodruff is a bodybuilder, fitness model, and personal trainer in Austin, TX. In this video, he is 8 weeks out from his competition. You can follow his progress on his Facebook page at Facebook.com/MrCJWoodruff. We are sponsoring his entry into the show and look forward to more videos with him.

Trained by Amin Shahry

My joke about Zangief above? THat’s Amin Shahry, the natural bodybuilder who is in beast mode while CJ is explaining the exercise. Check his Facebook page out here.

Filmed at the Big Tex Gym in Austin, TX

As always, this video was filmed at the Big Tex Gym in Austin, TX. Come and train with CJ, Amin, and myself. I’ve always got some kind of supplement to sample out!

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