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PricePlow Writer Colby Strunk Dominates NAS Redmond, OR Strongman Competition

We’re proud to congratulate staff writer and inspiration Colby Strunk for his excellent job at the NAS Redomond, Oregon “Feats of Strength” Strongman Competition this past weekend!

See Colby’s email below:

Hey guys, it’s Colby. Here is the video of my events – It was a HELL of a time, SO FUN though!

Colby Crushes it at Redmond Strongman Competition

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Events Performed

  • Yoke Walk
  • Sled Drag Medley
  • Log Press
  • Farmers Walk
  • Tire Flip
  • Stone Over Bar
  • Hussefelt Stone

Thoughts on the Meet

Colby's Log Press - VERY Solid!

Colby’s Log Press – VERY Solid!

What an incredible experience.

I really enjoyed the challenge – “anyone” can go into the gym and lift stuff – but when you are in a fairgrounds area that has 30,000 people passing through, high 80’s heat, in the grass/dirt… the game changes completely. I was challenged physically and mentally harder than ever before.

The crowd and people stopping by were blown away at how intense, hard, and friendly we all were. They seemed to really enjoy watching the athletes compete. There were also a lot of female/teen athletes just kicking ass!

I loved the H-stone event – it is all about how much pain you can take, mentally pushing yourself – endurance (can’t breath well AT ALL) – loved the farmers/tire medley.

HARDEST BY FAR was the Yoke/sled drag. I passed out for close to 30min after wards – woke up in a chair with my coach around misting me… Hah!

Future Training

Just going to train more specifically, more intensely… more “eyes on the prize.”

I know the endurance and mindset needed now. And, of course, I will be training heavier.

Increasing Inclined Lifts and Heavy Box Squats

Another competitor told me to increase my incline training (bench) and HEAVY box squats for strongman… and more clean and press. Also, just more atlas stone work in general.

Good luck to Jeff!

BTW, Nationals are in Texas this year, my training partner Jeff will be competing.

More info on the Redmond Event and Training

For more info, check out sponsor Big Bears Gym (see upcoming events).

Colby trains at the Elite Performance Center in Portland, OR. You can also see his YouTube channel is at YouTube.com/EliteColby

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