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Dick Durbin is Up to No Good in the Dietary Supplement Industry Again

Dick Durbin, Tianeptine, and Mandatory Product Listing

On March 18, 2024, United States Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois sent a letter to four dietary supplement industry trade associations demanding action against the inclusion of dangerous and illegal ingredients in products marketed as supplements.[1-5]

The letter focuses specifically on tianeptine, a compound sold as an antidepressant in several European countries that has […]
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The NPA is Fighting Dick Durbin’s 2022 Supplement Bill (S.4090) | Episode #067

Natural Products Association vs. Dick Durbin S.4090


On April 26, Senators Dick Durbin (IL) and Mike Braun (IN) proposed a bill titled Dietary Supplement Listing Act of 2022,[1,2] which would have serious ramifications on the way business and commerce is done in the dietary supplement industry.

We invited a powerhouse team of industry veterans and experts to discuss what this […]
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A Day with Bruce Kneller: Giant Sports, Gaspari, Stimulants, CBD, and More | Episode #009

PricePlow Podcast Episode #009: Bruce Kneller

Note: This page and audio feed was published on July 26, 2019, 1.5 years after the interview. Much has happened since then, but Bruce’s new nootropic ingredient is still not on the market as of right now, as he still awaits the US Patent and Trademark Office.

In February of 2018, the legendary Bruce […]
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