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RedCon1 MOAB Muscle Builder: The Mother of all Leucine Bombs

Redcon1 MOAB

The Mother of All Bombs.

The “MOAB” was popularized after President Trump’s American Military dropped this 20,000 pound thermobaric weapon on ISIS caves in August 2017, and allegedly used another one in April 2018, destroying a rogue nuclear facility located […]

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Genius PRE Workout: Train Smarter AND Harder

Genius Pre

Genius Pre is a clinically dosed, stimulant free pre workout that enhances cognitive function but won’t leave you feeling bottomed out from a rush of caffeine.

We recently featured a brand taking a more enlightened approach to supplement formulation named […]

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Elemetx EliteAmine: The Post-Workout BCAAs of Canada

Elemetx EliteAmine

EliteAmine is Elemetx’s intra / post workout BCAA supplement that’s free of artificial colors and flavors.

Recently, we introduced you to Elemetx, a new Canadian supplement company who’s doing some pretty interesting stuff in the land of sports nutrition. […]

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Nutrex PostLift: Loaded Post-Workout Carbs & More!

Nutrex Post Lift

Nutrex debuts its new Clinical Edge series with a doozy of a post workout product titled PostLift that includes 10g of BCAAs and 25g of Cluster Dextrin.

A little over a month ago, Nutrex grabbed the industry’s attention when it […]

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Alphamine Reformulated for Better Feels: The Sexiest Supplement

Alphamine and Shift

Alphamine has been a fan favorite to many since 2012. As the times and the industry changes, so do formulas. The newest version of Alphamine brings a few tweaks to widen its distribution and appeal to more consumers, while still […]

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Bodyforge Ultra: Recover w/ Your Pre Workout’s Other Half

Neogenix Bodyforge Ultra

Bodyforge Ultra is a new stimulant free pre workout from Neogenix that uses some great ingredients but misses on the dosing for a single scoop product.

Last time we talked about Neogenix, we discussed Velocity Ultra, their new […]

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PES ERGONINE – It’s About Time Someone Made This!

Athletix Ergonine

Can one supplement handle all of your muscle-building needs at just $1/day? See what we think about Ergonine below

PES Ergonine is the workout enthusiast’s “one-a-day” supplement promised to take care of all of your basic needs in regards to […]

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Dymatize MPS – Doing Something Different with Post Workouts

Dymatize MPS Close-Up

MPS has pH Balanced Aminos and Whey, and L-KIC and HICA on top of BCAAs. All sound great, but are they worth the premium?

We haven’t heard much from Dymatize lately, most likely due to their recent sale to Post […]

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