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FDA Warns Against Concentrated Caffeine (Pure Powder & Liquids)

Caffeine Powder Banned

Is caffeine of all things the next on the FDA’s radar? And if so, what do they consider “excessive” enough to be “adulterated”?

A single teaspoon of caffeine powder contains the same amount of caffeine as about 28 cups of coffee. A lethal dose. For the vast majority of supplement history, the FDA has allowed […]
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Powdered Caffeine in the FDA’s Crosshairs (2015 Warnings)

powdered caffeine

2018 Update: The FDA took further action with a “Guidance” Against Concentrated Caffeine, which seemed to be their “final warning”.

While caffeine is generally thought to be a “safe” stimulant, there is a real risk of overdose. Caffeine’s reputation for safety is based mostly on natural limitations in how much can be present in the […]
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