CORE Pump: Strawberry Colada Stim-Free Pumps

Doug Miller, professional bodybuilder turned business builder, started Core Nutritionals back in 2005. The release of their flagship Core MRP kicked off a brand that has gone on to make wave after wave in the supplement industry for 17 years.

Pre-workouts are difficult to get right. They are very feeling-based supplements — and when it comes to stimulant-free pre-workouts, it’s even tougher to get an effect that’ll keep you in the gym and in the zone.

Core Pump Strawberry Colada Pre-Workout Supplement

Core Pump is out with a refreshing new flavor: Strawberry Colada!

The aim of Core Pump, a stim-free pre-workout, is to provide all of the workout-boosting effects of stim-based pre-workouts, like awesome pumps and a nice endurance boost, without the actual stimulants and associated effects. With this formula described below, Core delivers, with the added benefit of coming in some truly delicious flavors. Today, we’re getting another new flavor that we can’t wait to throw in our PricePlow shaker cup.

Core Pump: Strawberry Colada

As a stim-free pre-workout, Core Pump doesn’t rely on ingredients like caffeine or alpha yohimbine. Instead, it focuses on creating what Core calls a performance pump. Whereas many non-stim pre-workouts hone in exclusively on just increasing blood flow for that familiar pump feeling, Core decided to go a step further.

Pump was engineered to create that pump feeling with l-citrulline and betaine nitrate, provide an endurance boost with beta alanine and PeakO2, spark cell hydration with glycerol, and increase focus with Alpha GPC. Core Pump is a much bigger product than the average stim-free pre-workout on the market.

Strawberry Colada – It’s summer somewhere

We’ve loved every flavor we’ve tried of Core Pump, and following in Core Nutritionals’ tradition of sweet and flavorful drinks, they’ve now come out with Strawberry Colada.

While it may not be summer anymore in the northern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere is getting close, and that’s good enough for us. Strawberry Colada just sounds like the perfect flavor for a pre-workout, doesn’t it? And as an update, this flavor is now available in the updated stimulant-based Core Fury pre-workout, too!

We’re going to dive into a little summary on how Core Pump works, but first, let’s check the PricePlow for some good Core deals:

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Core Pump is more interesting than your garden-variety stim-free pre-workout. It’s not only focused on the pump – performance and endurance are equally important. Let’s run through it:

Core Pump – Under the hood

In every 2 scoop serving of Core Pump (23.2g), you get:

Core PUMP Strawberry Colada Ingredients

  • L-citrulline (6000mg) is a non-essential amino acid that is converted to arginine, and then to nitric oxide, which is what creates that prototypical “pump effect”. Nitric oxide causes vasodilation, which then allows more oxygen and nutrients to be pumped into your tissues via the bloodstream. L-citrulline has been demonstrated in numerous studies to increase both aerobic and anaerobic function.
  • Beta alanine (3200mg) is an amino acid that acts as a precursor to carnosine, which makes the body more efficient at clearing lactic acid, a major cause of that muscle burning feeling during workouts. In short, beta alanine indirectly leads to lactic acid being cleared quicker in the muscles, allowing you to keep up a higher exertion level for longer.
  • Betaine nitrate (2500mg) is a nitrate bound to one of our favorite osmolyte compounds, betaine. Osmolytes like betaine work to make your cells more resilient by maintaining their water balance, and have been shown to increase peak power in resistance training settings. The nitrate, on the other hand, can boost nitric oxide production an incredible amount, leading to many performance-based benefits.
  • PricePlow and Core NutritionalsPeakO2 (2000mg) is a blend of 6 ayurvedic mushroom strains that has been demonstrated to increase oxygen uptake and aerobic endurance, as well as increase VO2Max and heart rate economy.
  • Hydromax (2000mg) has glycerol as its active ingredient, which has been shown to keep your muscles hydrated, which produces that pump effect. Further, glycerol helps to keep nutrients in the muscles, where they belong, which could potentially impart some endurance benefits.
  • Alpha GPC (600mg) is a precursor to choline, which goes onto produce acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that has been widely shown to impact cognitive function and performance. Additionally, at 600 milligrams per day, Alpha GPC supplementation has been shown to lead to an increase in peak power output during resistance training.

All Core Pump flavors

Core Pump Strawberry Colada Pre-Workout Ingredients

Core Pump also comes in a few other excellent flavors, like Tropic Thunder. Check them out!

    Every type of supplement has a different set of flavors that just work, based on when and how you use them. A pre-workout that tastes like a rich, chocolatey dessert doesn’t feel as right as a festive, fruity, beachy flavor. It would be difficult to fit that bill better than with strawberry colada. And as a reminder, it’s in Core Fury as well, if you want to get your caffeine on in a very well-rounded pre-workout supplement.

    It’s summertime in the gym

    Core Pump Strawberry Colada

    Strawberry and Coconut – A match made in heaven

    Pre-workout supplements have a short-term use profile compared to other supplements like creatine or whey protein, meaning users want to notice it quickly and strongly. People want a great workout and they want to feel good during it.

    Stimulant pre-workouts contain ingredients like caffeine, that are chosen for their stimulating effects. For many, however, stimulants cause some undesirable effects, like the jitters and even feelings of edginess.

    Stim-free pre-workouts, on the other hand, are generally only engineered around one thing: boosting nitric oxide to get that muscle pump feeling. This, too, sometimes feels lacking as non-stims seem as though they are unconcerned with other aspects of performance.

    Core Pump does an incredible job of going beyond the pump. And now there’s a great summertime flavor you can use all the time. Because no matter what the weather is like outside, it’s always summer in the gym

    Workouts are the time for getting revved up, slamming some iron, and making your muscles pump so hard that they disintegrate your shirt, allowing you to bask in the fluorescent lighting and faint smell of blood. The only thing missing is something to drink. Something sweet, but not too sweet. Something fruity, not chocolatey. Something refreshing. Maybe tropical, even.

    Strawberry Colada. Because it’s summertime somewhere.

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    Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

    Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

    Core Pump Strawberry Colada Pre-Workout Label

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