Help Wanted: Female for 30 Day Log on Fat Burner Supplement

Update: This logging job has been given out! When the log starts, we will link you to it.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of logging opportunities available. Contact us to get on the consideration list!

Want to Log some Free Thermadex?!

Want to Log some Free Thermadex?! Contact Us!

Hey Ladies, we have a cool and unique opportunity for you!

We are looking for one female who is on a diet and workout routine to run a “30 day log” of Thermadex, the fat burning supplement from PNI. You can read about Thermadex here.

With this log, we need a commitment from you to update the log at least 4 times per week.

If you can handle that, here are the details:

What You Get

  • One free bottle of Thermadex.
  • Payment of $1.50 per 100 words of writing. This will net you around $10-$15 for every blog post.
  • Diet and Workout Assistance from our crew of personal trainers
  • Some personal promotion to your Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/Instagram/Google+/etc

What We Need

  • Decent writing abilities. Nothing insane, just basic grammar and spelling!
  • Semi-daily updates on your diet, training, and anything else you want. You can use a calorie counter to help.
  • Honest feedback on how the product is making you feel. Remember, this is a paid log by PricePlow, not a sponsored log from PNI. So you have freedom!
  • Before / During / After Pics (this can be discussed in detail)
  • A few YouTube Videos along the way – these will go on our channel

The Thermadex Ingredients - Looks Solid to Us!

The Thermadex Ingredients – Looks Solid to Us!

Skills using WordPress appreciated, but not necessary.

Supplements for Use Under a Doctor’s Supervision Only!

You should be cleared by your doctor to use supplements, and your diet should be cleared as well.

No other Stims!

You may not mix other stimulants with this product, so be willing to dump the coffee and tea for the month!

Personal Promotion is Allowed

As long as you’re not dropping spam bombs all over our blog, we’re happy to let you promote yourself and your services by linking to your website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus / Google Authorship, etc…

This is great for personal trainers, bikini models, fitness competitors, and any other kind of competitive athletes who are looking to get a sponsorship!

…But Conflicts of Interest are Not

If you’re sponsored by another company, or are a representative for someone else, we simply can’t allow you to log this for the obvious reasons.

How do I get Started?

Contact us with information about yourself, and we’ll let you know when we find someone!

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