Kaged Comes to H-E-B in Texas… with an Orangetheory Twist!

Kaged Supplements at H-E-B in Texas

Active nutrition supplements continue to go mainstream — over the last decade, we’ve seen many sports nutrition brands spread their wings and earn distribution in regional grocery chains. We recently covered news in the Northeastern US, where Kaged Gained Distribution at Wegmans Grocery Stores. And now, they’re bringing that same strategy to Texas!

Kaged Begins Distribution at H-E-B in Texas!

KAGED, formerly known as Kaged Muscle, will begin to retail their products at H-E-B, one of Texas’ premier grocery chains. This news was originally broken on LinkedIn by Aaron Heidebreicht, Chief Commercial Officer for the brand, who stated the following:[1]

I’m excited to announce that Kaged is officially hitting shelves this week and will be fully rolled out across the chain by next week supporting (15) sku’s across (5) categories. Thrilled to see this partnership take off 🚀[1]

— Aaron Heidebreicht, Kaged Chief Commercial Officer

So starting in June 2023, 15 Kaged products across 5 different categories will be available at H-E-B. Note that this is 15 SKUs, meaning there will be different flavors, and not 15 completely different products.

…and it comes with an OrangeTheory Twist!

But the plot thickens: a week prior to the above H-E-B announcement, Heidebreicht announced that Orangetheory Fitness would also be involved.[2] Kaged will be hosting branded events at local Orangetheory Fitness gyms utilizing local “points of sweat” to inform and drive traffic to HEB.

You can see our coverage of the story on PricePlow’s Instagram below:

We can’t think of a better brand for a deal like this than KAGED – we regard KAGED as one of the industry’s premier supplement outfits. They use only the highest quality ingredients with solid research backing.

Listen to Team Kaged on the PricePlow Podcast

Since Kaged rebranded back in 2021, the team has focused on delivering premium health and wellness supplements to augment their standard bodybuilder-targeted, muscle-building platform. The story and reasoning behind this rebrand are pretty interesting, so if you want to learn about it, check out our interview with Darin Decker and Michael McClane in Episode #058 of the PricePlow Podcast: Kaged Muscle Becomes KAGED: Never Stop Evolving.

We also first introduced Aaron Heidebreicht’s debut as a member of the team in a more recent podcast where we discussed their Mindset nootropic launch in episode #081.

From Wegmans to H-E-B to… what’s next?

The bottom line? A category of products formerly confined to online forum discussions now appear in neighborhood supermarkets – and the formulas hitting these shelves continue to get better.

KAGED is a company poised to deliver incredible value to a wide range of consumers with very different needs – we think it makes perfect sense for KAGED to be in a premium grocer like H-E-B. This is a collaboration that promises to deliver Texas a true one stop supplement shop – and H-E-B is known to currently have the best sports nutrition selection out of any major grocery store.

This is a great thing for the industry and the consumers it serves, and we’re thrilled that Kaged has taken it to the next level in Texas.

So what’s next? If you’ve been following PricePlow, you’ll know that they also have a major launch coming at GNC, but take a look at the influencers Heidebriecht has tagged in some of his LinkedIn posts. Something else may be brewing too… sign up for our Kaged news alerts below so you don’t miss out:

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Mike Roberto

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