Optimum Nutrition’s Kate Osman: It’s Game Time!

We had the fortune to interview the wonderful Kate Osman as this week’s Admired Athlete. Kate graces us with her presence in Maxim Magazine, the Legends Football League (formerly known as the Lingerie Football League), and is sponsored by Optimum Nutrition.

Kate Osman: A Legend Among the Legends Football League

Kate Osman in the Lingerie Football League

Formerly known as the Lingerie Football League, Kate plays in the LEGENDS Football League

Kate’s Playing Stats

Height: 5’2″ Weight: 125lbs Age: 28 years young Position: WR/S/CB (Wears #8 for Jacksonville Breeze)

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Kate Osman Plays WR/S/CB and Wears #8 for the Jacksonville Breeze

Kate Plays WR/S/CB for the Jacksonville Breeze and Wears #8 (but not in this pic!)

Sponsorship Status:

Kate on Diet, Training, and Supplementation

Many of our readers are interested in sponsorships, but Kate has the sponsorship in the biz. So we asked:

How did you get hooked up with Optimum Nutrition and ABB?

Kate Osman - Sponsored by Optimum Nutrition

Sponsored by Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition was the first products I used when I started competing – my friend (also in the fitness industry suggested it) and I have been HOOKED ever since. When I believe in a product I tell the WORLD about it! I am extremely lucky and blessed that ON/ABB saw something special in me!

What’s your in-season training split like?

My Regimen:

Strength training 3-4 days per week.

The majority of my training includes compound movements, incorporating more than one joint in a lift, to train as many muscle groups as possible with barbell, dumbbell, and resistant band work. I will usually take one day to do isolation-single joint work to target specific areas.

I train using higher rep ranges, 20-25 reps, since I tend to develop muscle mass very easily. I train with very high intensity and either superset or circuit everything to maximize my time in the weight room. I incorporate plyometrics into my routine to develop explosiveness and increase intensity.

High intensity Cardio (Uphill sprint intervals on a treadmill) 3-4 times per week – no long distance work to avoid my body going into a catabolic state and losing muscle.

I am an athlete in the Lingerie Football League, so I need to maintain/build my speed by doing sprint work and agility work, footwork ladder drills, as a form of high intensity cardio.

Get Ready - The 2013 Season is HERE

Get Ready – The 2013 Season is HERE

What’s the current supplement stack?

Sponsored by ON, Kate Fuels Herself with the Best

Sponsored by ON, Kate Fuels Herself with the Best

It changes a little depending what I am training for – – but the constants are:

(Follow-Up Questions from Mike): When are you taking the glutamine? Do you take anything before a game, like Platinum PRE / AmiNO Energy?

Glutamine – I take it after a workout, not only does it help muscle recovery but it also helps with the immune system as well — – – I am too busy to get sick! :)

I am Usually EXTREMELY pumped before the game and don’t need a full serving of Platinum Pre – so I will do Amino Energy with a TOUCH of Pre (if any at all)

Seems like you do a lot of traveling. What’s your diet gameplan when on a trip to stay fit?

Traveling Light in this One!

Traveling Light in this One!

Traveling always stresses me a little because traveling takes you out of the comfort of your own kitchen… very rarely do you have a place to cook.

My BIGGEST tip to staying on track when traveling is to prepare. Find out if the hotel has a kitchen, if there are grocery stores in your travels – and make sure you have extra food in case you get hungrier than you plan, cheat meals are more frequent when you run out of food! :)

I use a “6pack Bag” when I have short trips – the coolers keep my food fresh for hours.

Kate - Touchdown with Philadelphia

Kate’s old teammates in Philadelphia definitely miss her

LFL Stuff

Your next game is May 25 – soon! How can our readers from around the world watch it?

The games will be shown on YouTube the week following the game. But follow my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram for updates before the game (behind the scenes) and of course after!

To watch ALL the action during the game log on to the LFL’s Youtube – – OR attend the game.

(Editor’s Note: We attached the screenshot below, so it might be on cable – check your listings!)

Kate's Jacksonville Breeze Play Against Baltimore Charm this Weekend

Kate’s Jacksonville Breeze Play Against Baltimore Charm this Weekend

Tell us about the week before your game. How do you prep?

Kate Wears #8 with the Jacksonville Breeze

Kate’s 2013 Player Card, Wearing #8

The week before a game is all about nutrition, maintaining and focus. I make sure that what I am putting in my body nutritionally is benefiting my body and serves a useful purpose. You have to fuel the body with PREMIUM! :)

Maintaining my cardio, stretching, strength — I don’t go AS HARD as other weeks but I make sure to maintain my physical abilities.

…and FOCUS – focus on the game, my plays, my drive – – – I am a MACHINE game week! ;)

What was the hardest hit you’ve ever given?

I am on the smaller side of the ladies in the LFL at 5’2” so I doubt anyone would say my hits were truly memorable and I cleaned their clock lol…

…BUT I make sure my hits are clean, hard and at or behind the line of scrimmage if at all possible!! :)

What about the worst one you’ve taken?

Probably the worst hit I have ever taken was at practice by my own teammate!! :)

Last season while I played for Philadelphia, Jenny Butler (anyone that has been hit by her knows the power!) It was one of the first practices in pads and she hit me from the side and I FLEW across the field…

I wish that indoor facility had a camera because it was THAT hard! I had the wind knocked out of me and that was about it, but that was one of the hardest hits I have ever felt by a single tackler!

Get Ready, Jacksonville Breeze are 1-0 as we type this!

Get Ready, Jacksonville Breeze are 1-0 as we type this!

Life, Music, Guys, and Gals

Let’s say that you were in the MLB. What would your walk-out music be to get you amped up?

My Moment – DJ Drama feat 2Chainz, Meek Mill and Jeremih:

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What body type do you like in a guy out of the choices below?

Choice 1 - Adrian Peterson

Choice 1 – Adrian Peterson

Choice 2 - Tim Tebow

Choice 2 – Tim Tebow

HMMMM that’s a tough one, I am attracted to all different types of bodies… BUT I would probably take a mix between Tebow and Peterson.

I love a man that is in shape and bigger than me (5’2″ isn’t hard to tower over!)

A man that knows how to take care of his body but likes to indulge a little too ( I have a BIG sweet tooth!)

Choice 3 - Colin Kaepernick

Choice 3 – Colin Kaepernick

Choice 4 - The O-Line

Choice 4 – The O-Line

So you’re a Philly girl now in Florida… How do you keep that Philly girl strong in you?

Kate Osman Modeling

Enjoying some modeling when not delivering big hits

I may be a Florida girl now but I will always have Philly in me! Philly made me the person I am today – – there is nothing like the passion of the sports fans, the incredible food and amazing people.

I try to visit as much as possible – – but lucky for me there are a lot of people from the Philadelphia area in South Florida and if you hunt them out, you can get an authentic cheesesteak!

Anyone you’d like to give a shout-out to?

Of course a shout out to the BEST TEAMS in the WORLD!!! Team Optimum Nutrition and My Jacksonville Breeze ladies!! I am blessed to have the support of 2 AMAZING teams!!!

Good Luck Kate!

Thanks for your time Kate, and GOOD LUCK this season!!!

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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