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Stimerex Hardcore: Fat Burner for Stimulant Experts Only!

Stimerex Hardcore

So let’s say you’ve tried Lipodrene or Stimerex-ES, and somehow, the stim content wasn’t enough to do it for you. What else is left?

At this point, you’ve got two choices, and we’ve covered one already. There’s Lipodrene Hardcore[…]

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Lipodrene Hardcore: Advanced High-Caffeine Ephedra Fat Burner

Lipodrene Hardcore

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals holds all the cards in the ephedra product game right now. Their Thermo-Z blend is the only one that’s been rigorously safety-tested, and thus the only one we’re recommending to buyers at the moment. So you really need […]

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HellFire EPH 150: The Most Ephedra You Can Get!

Innovative Labs HellFire

HellFire EPH 150 has been around for several years now, but was previously produced independently by Innovative Labs, a smaller manufacturer that didn’t have as much of a public profile.

It acquired a small but strong following, thanks to the […]

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Ephedra Fat Burners in 2018: How are they still around?


It’s , and something interesting’s happening at several reputable online nutrition stores: an ephedra-based fat burner named Lipodrene remains high on the lists of best-sellers — over a decade after ephedra was apparently banned by the FDA.

What’s going […]

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