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Primeval Labs Neanderthal Ingredients: Explained by PricePlow

Primeval Labs looked to change the narrative on natural testosterone boosters when they released Neanderthal. While most natty test boosters are nothing more than libido and mood boosters, Neanderthal touts a label that packs some serious punches, and provides […]

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Primeval Labs Neanderthal — Unleash your Inner Man Beast

Primeval Labs Neanderthal

All too often, natural testosterone boosters are just a joke — sadly there’s no other way to put it. Most formulas on the market are poorly formulated or underdosed, and it’s where we see way too much scamming going on.[…]

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RedCon1 BOOM STICK Brings Some Serious Wood!

RedCon1 Boom Stick

Not a month goes by that we don’t see a new supplement (or two) from RedCon1. The brand has been on a mission to deliver top-notch products since day one and they’ve continually brought innovative and effective supplements to […]

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DAA 3K Released by USPLabs

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You may be familiar with TEST Powder from USPLabs. It’s a natural testosterone booster that features D-Aspartic Acid, or DAA. It also has some great support ingredients for endurance, hormone receptor support, and a growth hormone boost.

While […]

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