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Affiliate Marketing Scams

BEWARE: Antinobotan Solution is Spamming (and Scamming?) The Web

Antinobotan Solution

Warning: On September 22, 2017, our YouTube channel began receiving absurd amounts of comment spam asking about something known as Antinobotan Solution.

These comments are clearly fraudulent and have been made using fake Google accounts with no other activity. Some examples are below, but they effectively all ask if you’ve ever heard of it, […]
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Nitrocut Attempts to Censor Negative Ingredient Analysis on

Nitrocut is heralded as the place to go for high quality, in-depth, brutally honest supplement reviews.

While nearly all of the reviews and analyses on the site is provided by the users, the “SR” staff often gets into the mix – especially when they see something extremely offensive or dishonest. That’s where we find ourselves […]
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Maximum Shred SCAM – $87 Product with $4 of Ingredients

Stay away from Shady Scams and Rebills!

One thing most of us know and love about the supplement industry is that it’s generally policed by the consumer base and peer competitors. Most shady behavior is called out on various levels: social media, bad reviews, class action lawsuits, or, if the situation is bad enough, the FTC or FDA.

But flying under the […]
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