Primeval Labs Sanctuary: Your PCT Safe Haven

Primeval Labs Sanctuary

Sanctuary from Primeval Labs provides comprehensive and effective post cycle therapy (PCT) in one daily serving.

Prohormone and exogenous testosterone cycles offer a variety of benefits for those that choose to embrace them during their journey for endless gains. Unfortunately, like all good things in life, you need to take some time away from the hormones to give your body a break and let it recharge, so to speak.

One the problem when coming off cycle is choosing the proper natural Post Cycle Therapy support supplement. There are tons of products out there, but the problem is, you usually need to purchase multiple products to address all of your needs. Primeval Labs has other ideas for your stack.

The brand that’s been making it rain greatness lately with the likes of EAA Max and the nootropic Gray Matter are back at it again with your PCT safe haven in Sanctuary.

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Sanctuary PCT Ingredients

Primeval Labs has pulled out all the stops for Sanctuary to deliver a post cycle therapy supplement that provides comprehensive coverage all in one daily dose of 7 capsules. As you can imagine, at that serving size, this stuff is no joke.

Note: Doses listed below are based on one serving (i.e. 7 capsules).

  • Bulbine Natelensis 100:1 (750mg)

    Primeval Labs Sanctuary Ingredients

    Sanctuary contains everything you need for complete protection when coming off cycle. Note that this is a preliminary label, an updated one with the details / standardizations covered in this post is coming soon!

    Bulbine natalensis has been used for thousands of years as an aphrodisiac and natural testosterone booster. Clinical studies back this up too, as Bulbine Natalensis has been shown to increase serum testosterone levels, Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Luteinizing Hormone (LH),and testicle size![1,2]

    Bulbine is also effective for lowering estrogen levels in the body[3], something every prohormone user should be aware of. To further drive home Bulbine’s usefulness, it also increase ejaculation frequency and latency, and mounting and intromission frequency.[4]

  • Tribulus Terrestris (750mg)

    Frequently seen in testosterone boosters, Tribulus Terrestris is an Ayurvedic herb well known to increase male virility and vitality. Tribulus’ power is primarily attributed to its high saponin content[5,6,7], which Sanctuary’s extract is standardized to 45% steroidal saponins.

    Tribulus has been noted to increase IGF-1 and Testosterone, enhance lean body mass, AND reduce body fat![8] This is exactly the kind of ingredient you want when coming off cycle.

    This will also help keep the libido high, which is hugely important as your body needs to transition back from exogenous hormone production to its own. Oftentimes, libido gets lost in that shuffle, but none of us are interested in feeling like lesser men in the downstairs department! So tribulus should help keep you going there too.

    Sanctuary PCT

    Clinical Post Cycle Therapy Support – Get it Now through PricePlow or

  • Atractylodes Macrocephala (500mg)

    When you’re coming off cycle and testosterone and estrogen are bouncing around, you gotta keep that estrogen at bay.

    Atractylodes macrocephala is a medicinal herb used throughout China and many other Asian countries to treat digestive disorders. Sanctuary includes it in a 10:1 root powder extract.

    Current studies on Atractylodes find its successful at promoting mitochondrial function and energy metabolism as well as defending against several forms of cancer cells.[9,10]

    Atractylodes is loaded with potent bioactives called atractylenolides. Studies conducted In vitro show this bioactive is a particularly strong aromatase inhibitor — it possesses a 94.5% inhibition ratio,[11] and that’s the real reason it’s in here./li>

  • Magnesium (450mg)

    Primeval Labs Sanctuary Close Up

    Don’t play games with your most vital organs coming off cycle. ensure protection and hormonal balance with Sanctuary

    Magnesium is required for a number of processes in the body including DNA construction, protein synthesis, muscle function, and blood sugar regulation, among others.[12,13,14] Sanctuary includes 450mg of Magnesium Aspartate, one of the more bioavailable forms of magnesium, which supplies 81mg Magnesium (as Magnesium glycinate) approximately  20% DV. This is the same form that’s in ZMA supplements.

    Magnesium is one of the most common mineral deficiencies in adults, particularly athletes. Men especially need to be concerned about this as low levels of magnesium are associated with decreased testosterone production in the body.[15]

  • Mucuna Pruriens (300mg)

    Mucuna Pruriens is a medicinal plant prized for its high L-Dopa content. In case you weren’t aware, L-Dopa is the precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine, and Primeval includes the really good stuff here is they use an extract standardized for 99% L-Dopa.

    L-Dopa can cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB), where it can affect hormones, especially prolactin. Specifically, L-Dopa inhibits prolactin production from the anterior pituitary, which offsets any nasty side effects brought on high prolactin levels (liver or kidney disease or even gyno).[16]

    Additionally, L-Dopa increases dopamine, which further inhibits prolactin and elevates mood![17] But there’s more — L-Dopa raises libido, testosterone and luteinizing hormone (LH), while also lowering cortisol levels.[18,19] This culminates in a perfect hormonal “muscle-building” environment when coming off cycle.

  • Maca Root (250mg)

    Primeval Labs Tri-Andro Beast

    Primeval supplies one of the most powerful prohormone stacks in the industry in Tri-Andro. Now they’ve got the ultimate PCT supplement to match!

    Maca (Peruvian Ginseng) is a member of the cruciferous family of vegetables, but more importantly, it’s also an adaptogen that helps the body deal with all sorts of stressors. boost vitality and fertility.

    Throughout history,  Peruvian tribes used it to boost fertility and vitality, and research has verified those tribes were right, Maca does indeed heighten libido, fertility, and sexual desire.[20,21] So this is a great pair to go along with the tribulus, and may even improve testicular size, which is sometimes a concern for exogenous hormone users.

  • DIM (200mg)

    Diindolylmethane (DIM) is the main active component of indole-3-carbinol (I3C) — a powerful cancer-fighting compound present in a variety of cruciferous vegetables. DIM and I3C research document they’re incredibly effective as estrogen blockers and aromatase inhibitors.

    This happens in a few different ways, but the end result is dramatically less estrogen in the body — something critical when coming off cycle! More to the point, DIM stimulates Phase I enzymes[22], which yields more “good estrogen” and less “bad estrogen”[23], and it also increases 2-hydroxyestrone (a “good” estrogen).[24]

  • N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (150mg)

    N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) is a prove and powerful antioxidant and liver-protecting agent.[25,26,27] It’s the rate-limiting substrate for the production of glutathione, a non-essential amino acid that’s a fairly potent antioxidant in its own right.[28,29]

    Basically, if you’re lacking NAC, your body can’t produce sufficient glutathione to protect against reactive oxygen species (ROS) and oxidative stress. By the way, oxidative stress is a side effect of prohormone use!

    The addition of NAC to Sanctuary ensures your body has the raw materials needed for glutathione synthesis and subsequent antioxidant fighting power!

  • 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin (50mg)


    Laxogenin is a strength-boosting plant “steroid” that’s the answer to declining strength levels coming off cycle.

    Laxogenin is a steroidal sapogenin found in Smilax Sieboldii, a relative of asparagus. Sapogenins are a class of plant steroids known as brassinosteroids found in the seeds, leaves, and pollen of several kinds of plants.

    Clinical trials using laxogenin note it’s incredibly effective for stimulating muscle protein synthesis and lowering cortisol levels.[30] On top of that, laxogenin also improves strength and recovery — two aspects of athleticism that take a serious dive when coming off cycle.

  • Zinc (30mg)

    Zinc is essential mineral vital to immune system function and assorted enzymatic processes[31], but it’s also crucial to testosterone production too.

    High intensity training drains vitamin and mineral stores making athletes and lifters more vulnerable to deficiencies of this highly important mineral. Low zinc is associated with decreased testosterone production and libido, not exactly the hallmarks of a man’s man.

    If you haven’t figured out how crucial zinc is, then consider this, it also increases IGF-1 release, which is vital to proper growth and recovery from exercise.[32]

  • BioPerine® (5mg)

    There’s a bunch of bioactive goodies in Sanctuary, and you’re going to want some insurance to make sure you’re absorbing every last milligram of product. For this, Primeval Labs includes the industry-leading black pepper extract BioPerine®.

  • Vitamin D3 (1,000IU)

    Primeval Labs Sanctuary Stack

    The search is over, you’ve found your PCT Sanctuary!

    Vitamin D, a.k.a. the “sunlight vitamin”, is a fat-soluble vitamin most individuals are lacking, based on the fact they spend too much time inside cooped up behind computers or TVs.

    Low Vitamin D levels are associated with low free testosterone, as well as higher estrogen levels.[33] Additionally, individuals with low D have been documented to have lower fertility, increased risk of CVD, higher body fat, and less lean muscle mass — not really an ideal scenario for anyone!

    However, when patients with low Vitamin D levels supplemented with the vitamin, studies have shown testosterone increased by as much as 20 percent![34] Add to this that some other research indicates Vitamin D helps inhibit aromatase, which provides another venue for increased testosterone production.[35]


Primeval Labs recommends to consume all 7 capsules (1 serving) one time per day. Use for 8 weeks at most, and to take an 8 week break in between cycles.

Sanctuary Summary

Primeval Labs

Primeval Labs continues to deliver stellar new releases, what’s up next for the brand?!

Talk about loaded! This would likely be an extremely feel-good supplement even to a natural athlete who’s not coming off cycle!

Proper PCT can be an engrossing and often confusing subject for many prohormone users out there. Primeval Labs has taken out the guesswork by compiling a comprehensive and effective PCT supplement in Sanctuary.

We can’t stress it enough, if you’re messing around with prohormones, you NEED to run post cycle therapy, oftentimes prescription-grade stuff, but Sanctuary just makes it that much easier to get the natural side covered, protecting your liver, libido, and estrogen levels from further damage.

Primeval Labs Sanctuary - Deals and Price Drop Alerts

Get Price Alerts

No spam, no scams.

Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.


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