Soylent Squared Ingredients: $18/lb for Soy, Corn Syrup, and Canola Oil

In case you were looking for the new Soylent Squared ingredients, as they’ve made them rather impossible to find on their website (wonder why??):

Soylent Squared Ingredients

You literally couldn’t come up with a more obesogenic selection of ingredients and macronutrient ratios if you tried

12g carbs, 4.5g fat, and 5g protein from soy, corn syrup, canola oil, and a hot mess of other processed garbage.

(Here’s what the product looks like)

Canola oil and industrialized processed seed oils: the real drivers of the obesity epidemic?

Perhaps it’s time to educate the masses on what happens when you put canola oil into your body.

Until then, watch this video:

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You can also check out our older takedown on Soylent titled Soylent Subterfuge. Knowing what we know now, these products are worse than we thought.