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PricePlow is an online tech and media company that provides nutrition industry news, reviews, and interviews with a heavy emphasis on supplementation, low-carb / ketogenic diet research, and sports nutrition.

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We’re not necessarily hiring full time jobs, but we do have some specific roles open for regular paid work

I (Mike Roberto) founded PricePlow in 2008 and currently run it outside of Austin, Texas. We have a unique team of scientists, researchers, medical students, media specialists, and programmers who support the site and back me up.

I’m on a quest to bring research-backed knowledge to a greater mainstream audience while providing some great supplement deals along the way. In order to accomplish that, I’m building a team around me so that I can spend more time working on the heavier, harder projects.

There are no “full-time jobs” available, but there are specific paid specialist “roles” that are required on a consistent and near-daily basis. Use our contact page to apply for any of these roles. Those that are already filled are stricken through, but you can put your name in for future consideration if you like.

PricePlow’s Roles

  • PricePlow is HIRING a Digital Content Manager / Researcher / Writer / Blogger!

    PricePlow is HIRING a “Digital Content Manager” / Researcher / Writer / Blogger!

    Blogger / Digital Content Manager

    We’re hiring a writer / blogger / digital content manager to handle our scientific and industry-specific news! See our blog post about our open Digital Content Manager Position!

    This job has been offered.

  • App Developer

    Soon, we’ll have specifications ready for a PricePlow app (finally!)

    We’ll be looking for an Android / iOS App Development team to develop, test, and maintain the app.

  • Video Editor / Publisher

    This role is currently filled but we may soon be looking for a full-time media / “creative” / videographer just southwest of Austin, TX.

  • Virtual Assistant / Product Manager

    Essential Amino Acids vs. Branched Chain Amino Acids

    Our writers

    An hourly entry-level job making sure our most important products are properly organized and new products have been properly created by the system. It’s pretty mind-numbing so 2-3 hours per day max is suggested.

    This role is currently filled.

Traits: Reliability and Consistency

Outside of the obvious skilled job requirements needed, the biggest traits we look for are passion, reliability, and consistency.

We use a task management system known as Asana to keep us organized and on target.

Consider getting active in the PricePlow Forum

PricePlow’s Forum is definitely not the most active in the industry, but I’ve found this has been the best place to get to know potential candidates. As a “written-content-first” type of brand, what better place to see if someone can write well than on a written platform!

A supplement stepping stone

PricePlow is Hiring!

You don’t need one of these, but you do need your own PC or laptop

Hey, for the part-time gigs, I get it. You want a full-time job in this biz. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to utilize their skills in their favorite industry?!

I understand that PricePlow is a great “stepping-stone” into the greater industry. It’s happened before and will happen again. If you give me a good half year or so, and I’m happy to eventually find you a real job. I know the game and am happy to be a reference.

Thanks for being a part of PricePlow Nation. Now hit us up on our contact page!

– Mike