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BREAKING: Dallas McCarver Has Passed Away

BREAKING: We are incredibly sad to inform you that RXMuscle.com is reporting that bodybuilder Dallas McCarver has passed away, reportedly from choking. Information is scarce at this point in time, but here’s the official report from RXMuscle:

“BREAKING NEWS: According to several highly credible sources, we sadly report that Dallas McCarver passed away a few hours ago. We are awaiting further details (as they are mixed) but we can confirm that Dallas is no longer with us. Dave Palumbo will be live shortly to discuss this developing story.

We are shocked and saddened by this and pass our immediate thoughts and condolences to Dallas McCarver’s family and loved ones.

Aaron Singerman Discusses Dallas McCarver’s Life, Death, and Work Ethic

It seems that Dallas choked on his food in the kitchen.

CJ’s Video on the News and Dallas’ Amazing Personality

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Dave Palumbo’s Live Report on YouTube

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We will have more information as it comes. Stay tuned to RXMuscle’s social media for more information as well!

Dallas McCarver Death

We are sad to pass the news on to you

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