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List of Clean Foods

Before you start supplementing with the supplements compared on this site, you need to get your diet in order. Otherwise you will have nothin’ but “expensive pee”. You should begin monitoring every single thing you eat with a site like FitDay.com to start understanding where your calories are coming from.

Here is a list of […]
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Universal Nutrition Uni-Liver Review

There are some things that have been staples in bodybuilders’ diets for decades: eating a huge steak for dinner, a 6+ egg / egg white omelet, gallons of milk. But one old-school food has disappeared from American diets: liver and organ meats.

Liver is an abundant source of protein with an incredible amino acid […]
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Beta Alanine Tingling

Here at PricePlow Discount Supplements, we absolutely love beta alanine for all kinds of athletes in order to reduce fatigue and increase endurance. But one weird thing sometimes happens – “the tingles”, as we call them, or a tingling, pins-and-needles sensation after taking it.

What is the pins-and-needles sensation I get when I take beta[…]
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Zero-Carb Sweet Bacon with Stevia

Bacon is one of the world’s finest foods for those of us who know that saturated fat is healthy. However, if you’re on a zero-sugar or any kind of a low-carb diet, you can no longer enjoy brown sugar bacon or bacon with maple syrup on it.

However, you can still enjoy the awesome taste […]
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Can I Bring Supplements and Protein as Carry-On Luggage on an Airplane?

Happy Holidays from PricePlow!

Many people often ask if they can bring protein powders, creatine, vitamins, and other supplements in their carry-on luggage on an airplane.

The first bit of good news is that none of these powders are banned from the TSA’s “what can I bring” list.

The other good news is that this […]
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Thanksgiving Special – Tryptophan Supplementation Research

Happy Thanksgiving from PricePlow.com! Today we did some research on tryptophan supplementation for you, and as a Thanksgiving present, we created a Tryptophan category under our Essential Amino Acids section.

Background on Tryptophan / L-Tryptophan:

There are tons of other resources on Tryptophan, so we’ll be brief and get to the fun stuff (supplements!):

Trytophan […]
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ClutchWave LLC Launches PricePlow.com: Price Shopping For Supplements and Vitamins

ClutchWave LLC launches PricePlow.com, a highly-organized free price comparison service created to help users find the lowest-cost supplements, vitamins, and weight-loss products from various fitness stores on the Internet.

Los Angeles, CA – November 24th, 2008 — Today ClutchWave LLC announced its launch of PricePlow.com, a free online service to help supplement and vitamin users […]
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