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Milk Proteins, Peptides, and SOUL: Matt Karich Returns | Episode #135

Matt Karich of Soul Performance Nutrition on PricePlow Podcast Episode #135

Quite a bit has happened since Episode #068 with Matt Karich, the enterprising founder of Soul Performance Nutrition. He’s gotten deeper into ultra-endurance sports, and has dropped a few incredible new supplements.

So we brought Matt back on to talk about his latest endeavors, getting the official catch-up from over two years of […]
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Core Nutritionals GROW: Whole Food Based Mass Gainer

Core Nutritionals GROW

CORE Nutritionals has had some fun recently with their Fun Sweets collab, which yielded some delicious flavors with the brand that made cotton candy a festival staple. Core HYDRATE Fun Sweets came next, and true to Core form, the end result was delicious.

Now it’s time for another chapter of what Core arguably does […]
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