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Diiodo L-Thyronine

NTel Pharma Clenadrol X: Powerful All-in-One Fat Burner

NTel Clenadrol X

Awhile back, we covered NTel Pharma and their high energy and focus pre workout AREZ God of the Gym. Based on the feedback we received from that post, we had to do some more digging into NTel and see […]

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Synedrex 2017: Another Abominable Prop Blend from Metabolic

After having a blow dealt to them by the FDA (as well as Hi-Tech Pharma cloning the DMAA Synedrex with their Synadrene), Metabolic Nutrition is swinging back!

Thanks to their success with the past two versions of Synedrex, Metabolic’s […]

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Dexaprine Original is BACK For a Limited Time: Doses Disclosed!

iForce Nutrition Dexaprine

Oh yes, this is really happening!

We mentioned that it was going to happen when Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals bought iForce Nutrition, and they made it a reality sooner than we imagined:

Dexaprine Original – with DMAA – is Back!

…at […]

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