SteelFit Veterans Day Sample Sale: Everything for a Dollar!

On Veterans Day 2019, SteelFit posted the following to their @SteelFitUSA Instagram account:

$1.00 SteelFit Samples for Veterans Day!!

In Honor of our Veterans, SteelFit is hosting a $1 Sample Sale for two days (or until stock runs out). There are three servings in each sample pack, and only $4 shipping, meaning you can try about every product for around $12!

Check PricePlow’s SteelFit page or go directly to SteelFit’s Samples page.

The “rules”

  • No code needed.
  • You get three samples for $1 (up to a $7.95 value)!
  • You can try as many different products as you’d like for just $1, but you cannot order multiples of the same Sample Packs — unless you order different flavors 😋.
SteelFit Shredded Steel Label

Now’s your chance to dose up on our top-rated fat burner, which brings some serious energy with less caffeine!

What products to try?

At these prices, try them all, but we’re especially fond of Shredded Steel… if you can handle a nice yohimbine dose!! It’s our top-rated fat burner.

On top of that, we have covered their other incredible formulas, such as:

And at some point we need to write a big article on Steel Sweat, which has nearly every thermogenic in the industry!!

Now’s your chance to try. Awesome idea from SteelFit (sign up for our SteelFit news alerts below).

Happy Veterans Day!

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