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Update: We are happy to have guest posts on this site, but have removed the guest post form. Instead, you should contact us.

The Rules!

Here are some of the rules.  We’re a bit picky!

  • No plagiarism, copyright infringement, or copying and pasting from other websites. We check using CopyScape.

  • No enormous paragraphs.  We call these “walls of text” and hate them because they’re hard to read. So use some good line breaks!

  • Use bullet points or numbered lists to break up the monotony

  • Add subheadings for new “sections”.  You can paste these in from MS Word (make sure you’re in the “Visual” tab mode)

  • Got an image or a YouTube? Just paste the URL in and we’ll make it look good.

  • Feel free to link to your site.

  • Write Freely and be yourself. A bit of attitude is always welcome.  Telling people to eat their damned vegetables is allowed!

  • Bold and italics to emphasize important points are effective tools.

  • Cite sources if you must – back up anything controversial you say.

  • Not confident in your grammar?  You can either install After The Deadline or just use this tool to check your grammar:
  • You forfeit all rights to this content. We (ClutchWave Inc, the owners of become the owners of any content you write, and can do with it as we please.

  • No “SEO nonsense”. If you don’t know what this means, then you are good – don’t worry. If you do know what we mean, then you know that we know enough to not deal with it.

  • We do not guarantee that your post will be posted. If it is of low quality, terrible grammar, links to “scammy products”, or is just plain wrong, it may be deleted. Use this form at your own risk.

Can I Get Paid?

We’re always on the look out for top-notch writers. If we enjoy your guest post, we would be happy to hire you for part-time work.