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CEL M-Test: No Nonsense Testosterone Booster

CEL M-Test

If there’s one market that’s dominated by predominantly useless, poorly formulated products, it’s no doubt the natural test booster niche of the market. Countless times we see poorly formulated products thrown together and get marketed as some ultra-effective testosterone savior.

Not today, folks.

Every now and then, we come across a true diamond in the […]
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CEL Cycle Assist – On and Off Cycle Support

CEL Cycle Assist

The decision of whether or not to embrace the world of prohormones, exogenous testosterone, and/or other anabolics is a major one. You’re stepping outside the natty realm and into a new world full of all sorts of crazy compounds that can unleash some major gains, but can also bring with it some serious side effects […]
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CEL Epi-Plex: High Quality, Affordable (-)-Epicatechin

CEL Epi-Plex

CEL has long been synonymous with straightforward, no-nonsense supplements that delivery on quality and effectiveness, but also fantastic prices. We’ve covered the brand extensively over the years, and most recently discussed their potent all natural testosterone booster M-Test.

Today, we’re looking at one of CEL’s all natural muscle building supplements, Epi-Plex, which is about […]
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CEL TUDCA – Supreme Liver Protector


Natural or not, everyone loves to make gains. Some are content with reaping all benefits possible with their God-given genetics, while others like to really push their body’s limit beyond its normal capacity and embrace the world of hormonal muscle enhancers, such as prohormones and other anabolics.

If you’re a part of the latter category, […]
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