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Europa Sports & Alpha Prime Partner for Purple Velvet Brownie – Justin Weeks & Ike Ikalina | Episode #071

AP Regimen Prime Bites Protein Brownie Purple Velvet Europa Sports

Brian “Ike” Ikalina of Alpha Prime Supps is back on the PricePlow Podcast, and he’s brought a partner in Justin Weeks of Europa Sports Products to talk about their new collaborative effort:

Europa and Alpha Prime Supps Partner for Purple Velvet AP Prime Bites Protein Brownie

As the sports supplement industry’s largest distributor, Europa Sports […]
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Alpha Prime Supps LEGACY Series Pre-Workout and Pump

AP Regimen Legacy Series

This is how a legacy begins.

Alpha Prime Supps may be a relatively new supplement brand, but they’re a serious one. Their energy and drive was put on display earlier in February of 2021, when Ben Kane of PricePlow flew down to Florida to see the promising young team in search of a new frontier […]
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Brian “Ike” Ikalina Joins Alpha Prime Supps | Episode #043

Brian "Ike" Ikalina Joins AP Sports Regimen

Brian Ikalina, also known as “Ike”, has joined Alpha Prime Supps! In this episode, Brian discusses his transition and plans for the growing brand!

Video: Watch Brian Ikalina talk about joining Team Alpha Prime

Audio Version

Earlier, we named Alpha Prime Supps as 2021’s brand to watch, so we’re expecting big things out of Ike![…]
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