PricePlow is BACK – The Official Relaunch Announcement

Hi everyone, it’s Mike here –

I’d like to officially announce the re-launch of PricePlow in my video below:

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Features Coming

I don’t discuss it much in the video, but here’s what’s around the corner:

  • A better search box (this is being worked on as we speak)
  • 10-15 more stores – ProSource is being added tonight
  • Price Drop Notifications on your favorite products. We’ll need to create user logins for this, so it will take some time, but this is what I’m most excited about
  • A revenue-sharing engine. You have a YouTube channel where you discuss nutrition? Get paid for sales you generate! We will also begin sharing revenues with related charities.

Meanwhile, I’ll be redesigning this blog, adding more content, and tidying up some smaller bugs here and there.

Thanks for your patience!

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