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Best BCAA Supplement Buyers Guide with 2018’s Top 10

The Best BCAA for Weight Lifters

So many BCAA supplements… only so many you can try! PricePlow’s got you covered in this guide.

When hunting for the best BCAA supplement (or best intra-workout / amino acid supplement), there was never a single good resource out there… […]

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LA Fit Expo 2018: PricePlow’s Adventure to LA

LA Fit Expo 2018

The 2018 LA Fit Expo has come and gone, but PricePlow was there in force to cover the latest happenings, newest product releases, and even get interviewed for the first real documentary about this wonderful industry that is sports supplements.[…]

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ProSupps HydroBCAA: A BCAA with All the Essentials!

ProSupps HydroBCAA

We’ve been touting the superiority of EAAs over BCAAs heavily lately as most of the recent research indicates that BCAAs are altogether inferior for stimulating muscle protein synthesis and preventing muscle protein breakdown.[1]

That being said, the vast majority of […]

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ProSupps MyBar PRO — The Bigger and Better MyBar!

ProSupps MyBar PRO

When ProSupps launched their MyBar protein bar last year, it was a revelation in both taste and texture. We’ve gone on record on our YouTube reviews that the original MyBars are the best-tasting protein bars on the market, bar none! […]

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ProSupps MyCookie Takes on the Protein Cookie Throne

ProSupps MyCookie

Who doesn’t love a delicious protein bar? We’ve experienced our fair share of tasty (and not so tasty) bars over the years, but in an era of “the next best thing”, the humble protein bar has become a little too […]

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Shawn Rhoden Signs with PROSUPPS!

Shawn Rhoden ProSupps

It’s official! Shawn has signed with ProSupps!

The Arnold Sports Festival is only a few weeks away, and no time of year is busier around the bodybuilding and supplement industry. We’re flooded with an endless stream of new product announcements […]

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Best Gaming Supplement Buyer’s Guide: 2018’s Top 10

Best Gaming Supplement

Video games have come a long way, and today’s gamers are more serious — and more competitive — than ever. So much so that a new genre of gaming competition has evolved and been dubbed “eSports” where extreme gamers ([…]

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ProSupps MyBar: Protein Bar that’s BETTER Than a Candy Bar!

ProSupps MyBar Protein

The protein bar market has gotten out of control lately. Absolutely out of control.

We don’t mind that every major brand has released a bar in the past year or two, attempting to compete with Quest Bars. But what we […]

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