InnovaPharm LIMITLESS: Unlock Your Mind’s Muscle!

InnovaPharm Limitless

InnovaPharm’s Limitless is a focus-stim centric pre workout that combines caffeine, DMHA, phenylpiracetam, and a few other goodies for an energized workout that won’t leave you feeling bottomed out.

We’ve previously introduced you to an young, scrappy upstart company in InnovaPharm that’s dedicated to developing innovative and exciting products. That’s exactly what we’ve got for you with today’s product feature.

Limitless is an exciting new pre workout that not only provides outstanding energy, focus, and an enhanced mind-muscle connection, but also a powerful combination of skin-splitting pump ingredients.

Modeled off of the name of the thriller movie in which a mindless Bradley Cooper becomes a genius thanks to a drug called “NZT”, this pre workout supplement is geared towards focus, but contains more than just that.

So let’s be honest right here right now. This is a pre workout supplement that contains phenylpiracetam, a top-tier nootropic focus compound, and you can feel it like mad – especially when combined with the other stimulants inside. It’s the real reason to try this, but also the reason to do more research below.

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Limitless Ingredients

Limitless is a partial proprietary blend that fully discloses its pump-enhancing ingredients, but keeps its energy-stim blend shrouded in mystery. Overall, Limitless makes for one very solid neuro-stimulatory pre workout, that’s got the pumps to match its energy-boosting powers.

  • Limitless Performance Blend (1.9g)

    • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

      InnovaPharm LIMITLESS Ingredients

      Limitless includes a partially transparent label that hides its neural-stim complex but fully discloses the nitric oxide boosting complex.

      Kicking off Limitless’ focus-boosting matrix is the popular nootropic, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, or NALT for short. N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is a more stable and water-soluble form of the non-essential amino acid L-Tyrosine, that helps increase the production of dopamine and noradrenaline, two critical neurotransmitters in the body.

      Together, dopamine and noradrenaline work to enhance all mental aspects of a workout including focus, cognition, and overall mood. Additionally, NALT also helps reduce signs of stress and anxiety.[1,2]

    • Beta Alanine

      Beta Alanine is among the top “performance” boosting ingredients on the market, especially for the endurance athletes out there. Upon ingestion, beta alanine binds to histidine to form carnosine, a powerful intracellular buffer.[3]

      When dosed in its full amount, Beta Alanine helps offset the “burning sensation” that builds in muscle, in part due to lactic acid. This ultimately improves endurance, strength, and power.[4,5,6]

      Questioning this dose…
      What's up with this micro-dosing of Beta Alanine?!

      What’s up with this micro-dosing of Beta Alanine… but do we even care?!

      However, from our viewpoint, Limitless’ “Performance Blend” seems primarily about focus / energy, so we’re not entirely sure whey Beta Alanine is lumped in with these ingredients. While it is technically a “performance-enhancing” ingredient, it simply doesn’t fit into the grouping of other players here.

      More than likely, it’s lumped into the prop blend so we don’t have to see how weak the dosage of BA is here, because there’s no way you’re close to getting even half of the clinically studied 3.2g efficacious dose here…

      Side note, InnovaPharm calls out other pre workouts for “micro-dosing” on their website, yet clearly this is one ingredient that is well below the efficacious dose.[7]

      …yet it’s not going to stop us from loving this product

      But let’s be honest here: users are buying this supplement for the focus – DMHA, tyrosine, citicoline, caffeine, and most importantly, the phenylpiracetam. So why not just disclose the dose and let users get the BA elsewhere in the day.

      The good news is that beta alanine doesn’t have to be taken pre workout. You just want that 3.2g per day – and it’s best when split apart in multiple doses anyway – so just know that you’re not going to get too close to that clinical dose here alone.

      InnovaPharm Responds

      Nearly immediately after we posted this, InnovaPharm explained why the dose of BA:

      It is in there just to give some tingles. As crazy as it sounds so much of the market associate the “feeling” of tingles with an energy rush.

      So there you have it – it’s sometimes a touch “cosmetic”, but hey, if the tingles are what tell you it’s time to get your butt on the bench, then so be it!

    • Caffeine

      Limitless is so effective in improving focus that you just might want to kiss the tub

      Limitless is so effective in improving focus that you just might want to kiss the tub

      You won’t get through any energy-neuro boosting blend without finding some hint of caffeine, and Limitless is no exception. Caffeine is the backbone of every energy enhancing pre workout, and Limitless certainly provides enough juice to get you going. Unfortunately, the caffeine content is not disclosed on the label, something we’re never in favor of. We’ve reached out to InnovaPharm, and hopefully they’re willing to disclose at least the dose of caffeine used here.

      For the time being, if we had to guess, we’d estimate there’s between 250-300mg based on the stim-kick we feel from the pre workout.

    • 2-Amino-6-Methylheptane

      2-Amino-6-Methylheptane is the headline-catching stimulant of 2016, also known as DMHA or Kigelia Africana Extract. On Limitless’ label, you’ll also see it as Aconitum Kusnezoffii. DMHA is an aliphatic amine[8], similar to DMAA but “feels different, and also found in nature.

      From personal experience, whereas DMAA brings more of a true “tunnel-vision” focus and concentration sensation, 2-amino-6 supplies more of an uplifting, euphoric feel to a pre workout. Both are great in their own right, it really depends more what you’re going for.

      And, just to settle any feelings you may have that DMHA is some sort “Franken-stim” synthetically generated in some sketchy Ukrainian laboratory, you might want to read a study published in late 2014 titled Metabolic Profiling of Kigelia africana Extracts with Anti-Cancer Activity by High Resolution Tandem Mass Spectroscopy.[9] Basically, it describes where DMHA was extracted from in nature, then discusses the other medical applications it’s been used for, including antidiabetic, cancer-fighting, antibacterial, and analgesic (pain relieving) applications.

    • CDP-Choline

      Ready to take your workouts to the next level? It's time to go Limitless with InnovaPharm's line of sports supplements.

      Ready to take your workouts to the next level? It’s time to go Limitless with InnovaPharm’s line of sports supplements.

      Jumping back to the tried and true cognition-boosting ingredient in Limitless, we arrive at CDP-Choline. Sometimes displayed as citicoline, CDP-Choline is one of the most bioavailable forms of supplemental choline, alongside Alpha GPC, that’s great at improving focus, and more specifically the “mind-muscle” connection during exercise.[10]

      Based on our experiences with Limitless so far, we can confirm that the dosage here seems pretty solid, and there is a prominent mind-muscle connection enhancement going on. You flat feel more in sync with your muscles during the workout, and it’s a great feeling to have mid-set.

      The idea with choline, in this instance, is to support the next ingredient, which is the big whopper here:

    • Phenylpiracetam

      Here’s a new player in the world of pre workout nootropics! While not a new ingredient by any means, phenylpiracetam is definitely a new inclusion in mass produced pre workouts.

      Phenylpiracetam is a potent brain-boosting ingredient similar in nature to piracetam, another member of the racetam family of noots.[11] The main difference between piracetam and phenylpiracetam is that phenylpiracetam has an added phenyl group, which gives it some of the mood elevating ability of phenylethylamine (PEA). Additionally, clinical trials using low doses of phenylpiracetam have found that it:

      • InnovaPharm Pumps

        These are the kinds of pumps that are possible when you use Limitless before your workout!

        Increase CNS stimulation[12]
      • Improves memory uptake, storage and recall[12]
      • Enhances motivation, attention and desire [13]
      THIS is why we’re here.

      Let’s put it simply. When you buy LIMITLESS, you’re almost definitely buying it for this ingredient. When you love and feel LIMITLESS, you’re almost definitely feeling this ingredient. This is why we’re here… but we’re still not even nearly done.

      You can read more on our blog post aptly titled Phenylpiracetam: The Limitless Nootropic.

      Further, let’s also admit that this is the reason why the product has long been one of our best pre workouts for focus!

  • L-Citrulline (4g)

    Turning our attention to the pump-enhancing aspects of Limitless, we come face to face with one of the best in the industry in L-Citrulline. L-Cit is an amino acid found in high amounts in watermelon that promotes a very strong increase in nitric oxide (N.O.) production, much more so than L-Arginine due to its superior bioavailability.[14] Greater N.O. levels lead to greater vasodilation, blood flow, and most important of all pumps!

    In addition to improving blood flow and pumps, L-Citrulline also functions as a powerful ergogenic (performance-enhancing) ingredient as it improves endurance, stamina, and ATP production, due to its role in the Krebs Cycle.[15,16,17]

    InnovaPharm Limitless Review

    The great Amin Shahry tries the cotton candy flavor of LIMITLESS, described below. Amin loves focus-based pre workouts so we gave him this one at the FTA Gym. So far he’s loving it!

    We’ve got a full 4g dose of L-Citrulline, which is the perfect amount for limitless pumps during your workout that only gets better with our next ingredient, which is…

  • Agmatine (1g)

    Among the multitude of benefits Agmatine supplies, it’s in Limitless first and foremost a powerful N.O. extender. In contrast to L-Citrulline, which directly boosts nitric oxide levels, Agmatine is an equally powerful indirect booster of N.O. Basically, agmatine prolongs N.O. levels by inhibiting arginase, the enzyme that breaks down Arginine.[18]

    Combining Agmatine with L-Citrulline creates a fantastic 1-2 punch of nitric oxide boosters that not only elevate N.O. levels, but keep them at peak levels throughout your workout. The end result is bigger, denser, and longer-lasting pumps that you find with any other sort of pump ingredient combination.

    As Limitless is first and foremost a focus-stim pre workout, it should be noted that Agmatine also elevates cognition and focus thanks to its role as a neuroregulator / neuromodulator in the brain.

Now that’s a pre workout worthy of the name and the movie.

Flavors Available

InnovaPharm Limitless Cocktail

Not only is Limitless incredibly well-balanced and effective, it’s also pretty dang tasty.

For being a relatively new and upcoming company, InnovaPharm has done its homework in flavoring department. Limitless is available in a number of intriguing flavors, including:

  • Cherry Crush
  • Cotton Candy
  • Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Orange Tropic


As we thought when we viewed the formula, InnovaPharm’s Limitless pre workout is a true powerhouse from an energy, focus, and pump standpoint. It seems to hit all the right notes, minus the underdosing of beta alanine, for our crew of seasoned supplement users.

The inclusion of phenylpiracetam is a rather intriguing new addition to the pre workout list of mental enhancers that we hope to see more of in other companies products, but don’t forget where you heard about it first!

You can compare prices below or read more about InnovaPharm supplements.

InnovaPharm Limitless - Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

Visit and use code PRICEPLOW30 to save 30% off the entire site!

Note: In the top retail store price comparisons, PricePlow gets a commission. At, we do not, but the coupon is solid!


About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is a biohacker with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several "n=1" experiments done on himself.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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