Lipodrene: The Flagship Ephedra Fat Burner

Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical's Lipodrene offers a true solution to your weight loss woes.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical’s Lipodrene offers a true solution to your weight loss woes.

Fat burners and thermogenics are a huge part of the market, but they’re cluttered with too many  pretenders that don’t do much but hop you up on caffeine.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is well aware of the high-caffeine quandary, but they were well ahead of that curve when they formulated their potent flagship fat burner, Lipodrene.

To put it simply… this one’s a whole lot different, and if you’ve dismissed it before, we’d like you to give it another look and understand how and why it was formulated the way it is.

When you see the three ingredients they used to make up for the loss of ephedrine back in 2004, you’ll “get it” a bit more, and start to see why this has continually been a top-selling fat burner.

There’s no hype or voodoo around it though, Lipodrene contains some serious tried and true high-energy ingredients that will melt the mass off your midsection and rear end all while leaving you feeling better than ever!

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Lipodrene Ingredients

Lipodrene Ingredients

Lipodrene uses an ephedrine-free ephedra extract, but then adds in the potent PEA alkaloids from acacia / senegalia berlandieri and the high-focus DMAA to make up for it! Note: In 2016, the label was slightly modified to say Senegalia Berlandieri instead of Acacia Rigidula, and Methylhexamine HCl instead of 1,3 Dimethylamylamine, which this new label reflects. They will behave extremely similarly.

Hi-Tech has pulled out all of the stops when crafting Lipodrene. You won’t find any “trendy” ingredients here, just proven ingredients that melt fat and quash appetite.

As discussed in our monstrous post on ephedra, the trick is to use Hi-Tech’s ephedrine-free ephedra extract, but combine it with PEA alkaloids from acacia rigidula (now updated to say “Senegalia Berlandieri Extract”) and DMAA (now labeled as Methylhexanamine HCl) to replace the ephedrine component. What you’re left with is nothing short of awesome intensity.

  • Caffeine (100mg)

    First and foremost, let’s state that each yellow tablet has just 100mg caffeine. Everyone knows and loves caffeine. It’s proven time and again to be effective in terms of improving energy, alertness, focus, athletic performance, and fat burning. What may surprise you is the modest amount of caffeine in each pill. It’s the same as your average cup of coffee.

    Studies show that you don’t need huge doses of caffeine to reap its benefits. As a matter of fact doses of 100-200mg are ideal when looking to improve performance and fat burning.[33,34,35]

    This means you get all of the ergogenic benefits of this wonderful ingredient without feeling stimmed out, jittery, and crashing later in the day.

    Do NOT be fooled by this dosage!

    Don’t let that 100mg fool you – if you’re a 300mg caffeine kind of person, you seriously do not want to push your luck with this potent fat burner. This is merely the beginning, and there are a load of other stimulants inside, which we get to below.

    One yellow tablet is a must for everyone, and even taking two Lipodrenes should only be done if you know you handle one tablet easily and have a very high stimulant tolerance. This is the most serious 100mg of caffeine we’ve ever tried – wouldn’t imagine taking two at once, to be honest.

  • Ephedra Extract (25mg)

    Right off the bat, you have to be wondering why PricePlow is talking about ephedra all the way in 2015.

    Isn’t that illegal? Wasn’t it banned?

    Not the case.


    Lipodrene uses an ephedrine-free ephedra extract, but then adds in the potent PEA alkaloids from acacia and the high-focus DMAA to make up for it!

    Ephedrine is the main bioactive compound in the herb Ephedra that has garnered such attention in the thermogenic fat burner market. Ephedrine is indeed great and useful for nearly all dieters with a clean bill of health, but the FDA deemed it unsafe and banned ephedrine alkaloids, which was finalized in 2004.

    But this doesn’t mean that all of the ephedra plant is banned. Just the ephedrine alkaloids (ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, norephedrine and methylephedrine) hit the chopping block.

    So with Lipodrene and several other Hi-Tech fat burners, they use the much-heralded Thermo-Z™ formula, which is exclusive to only Hi-Tech family products — leaving several of the other components such as flavonoid glycosides, epicatechin and tannins, glycans (ephedrans), citric/malic/oxalic acids, proanthocyanidins (condensed tannins) and even some volatile oils such as L-a-Terpineol, Limonene, and Linalool.

    This effectively leaves you with a very safe, yet still effective fat burner.[1,2,3,4]

    Read more on our mega ephedra post

    You can now get the entire story on our post titled, Ephedra Fat Burners in 2016: How are they still around?

    The point is, ephedra is not dead – ephedrine just can’t be legally sold in over-the-counter supplements.

    Now how do we replace those ephedrine alkaloids? In comes acacia / senegalia berlandieri:

  • Senegalia Berlandieri Extract (125mg) (Formerly Acacia rigidula)

    Acacia Rigidula BMPEA

    This Southern Texan plant, Acacia Rigidula, contains some incredible fat burning and mood-enhancing compounds.

    Lipodrene’s Senegalia Berlandieri extract is also known as Thermo-Rx® and supplies 150mg of a variety of PEA (phenylethylamine) alkaloids including: methylsynephrine, B-Phenylethylamine, N-Methyl-B-Phenylethylamine, to name a few.

    Clinical research has shown that this extract is even more effective than 30mg of ephedra in terms of weight loss.[5,6] The dose used in these trials was 250mg of Acacia Rigidula, the exact same dose you’ll receive in your daily dose of Lipodrene (we honestly don’t advise taking two tablets at once unless you really know you can handle it).

    Another added benefit of the PEA alkaloids contained in Acacia Rigidula is that they provide a mild stimulatory effect and great boost in mood.[7,8] Not only will you be slimming down, but you’ll also be feeling a whole lot happier too – and you’ll feel these PEA ingredients fast!

  • Synephrine HCl (25mg)

    Synephrine is one of the main alkaloids in Citrus Aurantium, a.k.a. bitter orange and a safe, and effective, alternative to ephedrine.[9,10]

    Much like Thermo-Z, synephrine is also a poten beta receptor agonist in the body.[11,12] This stimulates lipolysis (release of triglycerides), thereby enabling you to “burn fat for fuel.”

    Perhaps the best benefit of synephrine is that it increases your metabolic rate without sending your heart rate or blood pressure through the roof![13] Keep in mind this increase in metabolic rate is without any sort of exercise in the presence of synephrine. You can basically sit around doing absolutely nothing and burn extra fat!

    This is another ingredient that helps replace a bit of what was “lost” when ephedrine was banned and had to be taken from the ephedra extract. Top it off with some DMAA, and you now have a better product that where we started!

  • DMAA (35mg) (labeled as Methylhexanamine HCl)

    DMAA Research

    Seven studies performed by USPLabs are available at[4]. Biased? Perhaps. But they were done on trained athletes, used reasonable doses, and never hid the fact that blood pressure does indeed go up.

    DMAA (1,3 Dimethylamylamine / Methylhexanamine HCl) is one of the most effective stimulants of all time, and when paired with the above ingredients in Lipodrene takes fat burning to an entirely different level. In fact, we argue that this could possibly feel better than the original ephedra fat burners that did include ephedrine alkaloids!

    DMAA comes from the Geranium plant and is classified as a sympathomimetic amine, which simulates the actions of norepinephrine in the body.[17,18] Best of all, when used below 75mg, it doesn’t increase heart rate,[19] although high doses like 75mg paired with high doses of caffeine could increase blood pressure.

    Hi-Tech publicly discloses the dose!

    For the very first time, we’re publicly disclosing the dosage, and would like to thank Hi-Tech for allowing us to do so. Each tablet has 35mg, so one tablet will really get your morning going.

    This disclosure to the community at large shows that Hi-Tech has little to hide and are committed to quality – we just need to keep badgering them for more publicly available information!

    The DMAA legal battle

    1,3 is yet another “wasn’t that banned”? kind of ingredients, and the answer is no – not if Hi-Tech has their say in the matter. They are actively fighting the FDA over the right to use DMAA, and that case will be taken to court likely in 2016. Until then, they will continue to sell the stimulant like they always have.

    The seven safety studies

    Earlier in the decade when USPLabs was fighting the FDA over Jack3d and OxyELITE Pro’s use of the stimulant, USP released seven safety studies about it.[38,39,40,41,42,43,44] That may sound “biased”, but the studies also seem to have been performed in a controlled setting by qualified University researchers.

    Most users love the ingredient. Some do not. Either way, we’ll continue to post updates on the situation and will always fight to get the doses disclosed for you, and the rest is your decision.

    Note: The label may also say “Methylhexamine HCl”, another possible spelling.

  • Theobromine

    Theobromine comes from cocoa and most frequently associated with the “feel-good” sensation you get when eating chocolate. Interestingly enough, theobromine yields a mild stimulatory effect in the body leading many to refer to theobromine as caffeine’s younger brother.[14]

    Used in conjunction with caffeine, as well as the other stims included in Lipodrene, theobromine helps smooth out the stim kick and offsets any potential crash that may happen when taking stimulants.

  • Green Tea Extract (45mg EGCG)

    Green tea extracts seemingly have become one of the de facto “it” ingredients in fat burners for quite some time. Lipodrene supplies 45mg of EGCG, which is the key ingredient linked to so many of green tea’s weight loss benefits.

    When combined with caffeine, green tea is able to impart a small beneficial effect on weight loss and long term weight maintenance.[15] Additional research demonstrates that green tea extracts also help reduce overall fat mass and waist circumference.[16]

  • Hoodia Extract

    Many thing Hoodia comes from the cactus plant, but it's actually a short shrub. Either way all we care about is the appetite suppressing effects it confers.

    Many thing Hoodia comes from the cactus plant, but it’s actually a short shrub. Either way all we care about is the appetite suppressing effects it confers.

    Hoodia extracts are derived from Hoodia gordonii which is a small shrub, not a cactus like many mistakenly think. The main benefit of Hoodia lies in its power as an appetite suppressant.[20]

    We all know the hardest part of dieting is dealing with the inevitable hunger pangs and that often leads to so many people failing on their fat loss efforts. Hoodia helps ensure you stay on task and don’t get swayed by any ravenous cravings.

  • Cassia Nomame Extract

    Hi-Tech was the first company to use this novel ingredient, dating back to 1988! The magic to this ingredient resides in the way it interacts with the enzyme lipase. Cassia extracts have been shown to inhibit lipase[21,22] which can potentially prevent the body from storing fat.[23]

  • Naringin

    Naringin is a compound found in grapefruits and one of the main reasons the whole “grapefruit diet” went in vogue a few years ago. While it may impart some mild weight loss effects,[24] it’s a much more potent energy booster.

    Naringin inhibits PDE (phosphodiesterase) enzymes[25] in the body which are natural energy inhibitors in the body.[26] Basically, inhibiting something the inhibits the body’s production of energy results in MORE energy!

  • 6,7 Dihydroxybergamottin (Fruit)

    Another component found in grapefruits is the furanocoumarins 6,7 Dihydroxybergamottin. The main reason for including this ingredient in Lipodrene is that it inhibits certain enzymes (CYP3A4) that breakdown a variety of drugs.[27]

    What this means is that Lipodrene stays around in your system longer imparting long lasting energy, appetite suppression, and weight loss! Here is yet another reason Lipodrene is the go-to fat burner on the market!

  • 5-Methoxytryptamine HCl and 5-HTP

    The metabolism of 5-HTP. Notice how trytophan gets involved in there too?

    The metabolism of 5-HTP. Notice how trytophan gets involved in there too?

    We’ve grouped 5-Methoxytryptamine HCl (5-MOT) and 5-HTP together because they both work on your body’s serotonin production.

    5-HTP (L-5-Hydroxytryptophan) is chemical that the body synthesizes from tryptophan which is later converted to serotonin. Typically, people take 5-HTP to help with sleep or combat stress and anxiety.[28,29]

    However, some other research indicates that the molecule can actually help combat obesity. Several studies have been conducted on 5-HTP usefulness in terms of not only suppressing appetite, but also improving satiety and improves weight loss.[30,31,32]

    5-MOT is naturally occurring in the body and is the same molecularly as serotonin, except with an extra methyl group attached to it. 5-MOT prevents serotonin from being broken down in the body thereby helping to increase circulating levels of serotonin in the body yielding that “happy, full” feeling you enjoy after a big Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Yohimbine HCl

    Our final ingredient is a little hit of Y. While the vast majority of ingredient in Lipodrene function as fat oxidizers, through lipolytic actions, Yohimbine performs a different trick. Rather than stimulate fat burning, Yohimbine helps prevent your body from storing fat by inhibiting the activity of alpha-adrenergic receptors.[36]

    This not only leads to reduced appetite[37] but also limiting the amount of excess your body will store should you happen to slip on your diet.

    When talking to Hi-Tech, they consistently mention that you don’t want too much yohimbine, in case it may yield some anxiousness. Because of this, we believe that there’s 1.5mg or less of it inside each tablet.


For initial dosing, take 1-2 tablets in the morning and 1 tablet after lunch. Hi-Tech strongly recommends that users do not exceed 4 tablets daily

Takeaway: Hi-Tech and Lipodrene deserve another look

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Time to take another look at these guys if you like the energy!!

The point to our readers is this: if you’re a serious stimulant-lover who’s ready for a crazy cut, give Lipodrene another look. Maybe you discredited it because of the ephedra situation. Maybe it was the “mail order look” of the product.

Or maybe it’s because you heard Hi-Tech was a bunch of bad people and never bothered to ask them for their side of the story. Well we did, and we’ve been nothing but impressed by their scientific disclosure, their fighting of the good fight, and of the fact that they already manufacture a huge portion of the industry’s supplements already!

We’re quickly learning more and more that the above preconceived notions about Hi-Tech and their leadership are a bunch of bull. These guys may be fighters who get in the news quite a bit, but they are fighting for what they believe is right and what the consumers safely want.

Ephedra itself might have lost some teeth, but given the supporting ingredients (Senegalia / Acacia + synephrine + DMAA), Lipodrene sure as hell hasn’t lost a thing.

Something different? It was staring us in the face all along

For years, we’d been asking for something different – turns out that Hi-Tech had it all along.

If Lipodrene doesn’t get you going, you need to check your pulse… or the biggest of professionals may consider the even stronger Lipodrene Hardcore… but that is some next level stuff we won’t get into until later.

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