Sparta Nutrition KRAKEN Pre Workout: Unleash the BEAST!

Sparta Nutrition Kraken

Kraken is a clinically dosed, transparently label BEAST of a pre workout from Sparta Nutrition that brings EVERYTHING you’d want, and then some!

It’s a true rarity these days when we come across a supplement that simply leaves us speechless. We get may one or two products a year that we see, and just say WOW!

Today is one of those “wow” moment, thanks to Sparta Nutrition. A company that’s mostly made its name as a prohormone supplier, Sparta is in the midst of revamping its entire line up and upgrading everything to V2 status.

Part of the V2 line includes Sparta debuting its first pre workout supplement titled Kraken, and believe you me, it’s every bit the BEAST the name implies.

The Kraken TL;DR

  • A super-loaded DMHA pre workout supplement…
  • …yet with only 200mg caffeine
  • Clinical pump doses
  • Creatine-free

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Our Sparta Kraken REVIEW!

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Kraken Ingredients

Take one look at this label, and then take a moment to pick your jaw off the floor. This thing is a MONSTER of a pre workout! Kraken boasts a fully disclosed label (extremely rare when dealing with the Eria + DMHA combo) and clinical doses of everything you’d want in a focused, pumped and energized workout.

Listen instead of read about the ingredients

If you’d rather listen, then watch “fitness and supplement expert” Tim Muriello talk about Kraken’s ingredients:

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Hold on everyone, things are going to get REALLY FUN!

  • L-Citrulline (4g)

    Sparta Nutrition Kraken Ingredients

    Kraken is LOADED with all the right pump ingredients and a robust energy blend that’ll have you feeling amped up and really good!

    You want pumps? There’s no better place to start for pure pump perfection that a heaping 4g dose of L-Citrulline. L-Cit is the go-to nitric oxide (N.O.) boosting ingredient on the market today for strong, dense pumps. The reason we’re such fans of L-Cit is that it’s heads and tails better than L-Arginine in terms of elevating N.O. levels.[1] This translates to bigger, badder, and better pumps during your workouts.

    Furthermore, L-Citrulline also enhances circulation and vasodilation, which provides greater nutrient and blood delivery to your muscles, which ultimately allows them to work at higher outputs for longer durations. Lastly, Citrulline boosts ATP production, primarily due to its role in the Krebs Cycle.[2,3,4]

  • CarnoSyn® Beta Alanine (3.2g)

    Ready to get your tingles on?! You better be, as Kraken contains the full clinical tingle-spiking dose of Beta Alanine. BA is a precursor to carnosine[5], which acts as a powerful intracellular buffer that shuttles away lactic acid in skeletal muscles.

    Basically, by offsetting the buildup of lactic acid, beta alanine helps alleviate any burning sensation that develops in during extended working sets. BA ultimately helps increase endurance, while also boosting strength, power, and time to exhaustion.[6,7,8]

    3.2g is the dose that we see as the minimum you’d want across the day to achieve the clinical benefits in the studies (and others) cited above. This can be spaced out across the course of the day, but the Kraken gets it all on with at once. This doesn’t mean you can’t add more later if you really love the ingredient and are an endurance athlete though…

  • HydroMax® (2g)

    Sparta Nutrition Kraken Beta

    We were privy to a beta test tub of Kraken, and it performs as amazingly as the label leads you to believe it does.

    Kraken provides not one but, two different pathways for improving pumps during your workout. The first was through an increase in N.O. production thanks to a huge dose of L-Citrulline, the second comes via “water pumps” with HydroMax®, a high-yield form of glycerol that contains 65% glycerol by mass. When looking to glycerol inclusion in pre workout supplements, HydroMax® has become the de facto choice compared to Glycerol Monostearate (GMS) which only contains at most 25% glycerol by mass, with the rest being composed of saturated fats.[9]

    In essence, HydroMax® essentially turns your muscles into ultra absorbent sponges that soak up tons of extra water. This creates a state of “hyperhydration” in the muscle which leads to greater overall endurance in your workout[10,11] and lays the groundwork for those water-based pumps we first mentioned.

    Make sure that you’re using at least 16 oz of water with HydroMax®, otherwise you’re not really getting the most bang for your buck from its water-retaining abilities!

  • Taurine (1g)


    When combined with Taurine, HydroMax will bring the cellular hydration, endurance, and water-based pumps.

    Sparta Nutrition doubles down on the water based pumps established with HydroMax by including a solid dose of the amino acid L-Taurine. Much like our previous ingredient, Taurine also functions as a cell volumizer which aids muscle fullness, endurance, and those “water-based” pumps we mentioned.[12]

    It’s also worth noting that Taurine is found in rather vast amounts in the brain. In addition to aiding performance and pumps, taurine also improves mental focus and cognition.[13] It’s one of the many multi-faceted ingredients you’ll find in Kraken, but is outshined by our next dual purpose ingredient….

    This is going to be a good reason to drink plenty of water while you’re training – give the HydroMax and taurine something to latch on to!

  • Agmatine Sulfate (1g)

    Sparta Nutrition Products

    Sparta Nutrition made its name first as a solid pro hormone company, many of which will be getting a facelift in the upcoming v2 re-release!

    Among its numerous properties, Agmatine is first and foremost a powerful N.O. extender. What we mean is that, agmatine helps prolong N.O. levels by inhibiting arginase, the enzyme that breaks down Arginine.[14] This makes agmatine then an indirect elevator of nitric oxide, as opposed to L-Citrulline which directly boosts N.O. levels.

    Combining Agmatine with L-Citrulline creates an amazing tag team of N.O. boosters that not only skyrocket N.O. production in the body, but keeps it sustained well throughout your workout. Ultimately, this results in significantly stronger, denser, and longer-lasting pumps that you won’t get with any other way than by using a combination of pump ingredients.

    Also, Agmatine enhances cognition and focus thanks to its role as a neuroregulator / neuromodulator in the brain. If you can’t tell, we love this ingredient and never pass up the chance to extol its benefits.

  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (500mg)

    Stepping away from pure pump ingredients to more focus-based ingredients, we come across the might brain booster, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT). This ingredient is a more stable and bioavailable form of the non-essential amino acid L-Tyrosine. NALT increases the production of two critical neurotransmitters in the body, noradrenaline and dopamine.

    Together, dopamine and noradrenaline help increase focus, cognition, and overall mood while also mitigating signs of stress and anxiety.[15,16]

  • Eria Jarensis Extract (250mg)

    Sparta Nutrition V2

    Big things are coming up for Sparta with the impending v2 release…what could it be?!

    Now we get to the really fun portion of KRAKEN, the stims! Leading off the powerful stim blend is Eria Jarensis extract, one of the breakout stims of 2016. Eria Jarensis is a potent PEA-like molecule that has an extremely pronounce euphoric effect.

    Specifically, Eria Jarensis is extracted for its N-phenethyldimethylamine content. The how and why Eria works can get a little to “meaty” for us to explain here in short order, so if you’re really interested in “geeking out” with this ingredient, checkout our in depth write up: Eria Jarensis Extract / N-phenethyl dimethylamine: The Next Big Thing?

    Just know that we’ve tried this ingredient in several of our other top pre workouts, and we are BIG FANS!

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (200mg)

    Supplying the main kick in the pants energy for Kraken, is old faithful himself good ol’ caffeine anhydrous. It may not be as trendy as our previous ingredient or eye-catching as our next ingredient, but caffeine was, is, and always will be a solid choice whenever you’re looking to increase energy, mood, alertness, or just about anything else in life!

    Yet the dose is where we get the most major differentiator than the other fully-loaded pre workouts in Kraken:

    Is 200mg really enough for a kick?!

    We were wondering the same thing and reaching out to Sparta Nutrition for a little explanation on the dosing. They promptly responded with the following:

    “One major comment in regards to why we only put 200mg of caffeine: 200mg is a moderate dose of caffeine instead of 300-400mg because of the doses of Eria, DMHA, NALT, and B12 we put in – all beyond any major competitor we could find. We could’ve saturated it with caffeine which is so cheap, however there was no need as it’d just detract from the overall balance.”

    To put it succinctly, YES, 200mg is more than enough to provide the initial jolt you need to get going in the weight room, especially when combined with the previous ingredient and our next new stim…

  • 2-Aminoisoheptane (200mg)

    Sparta Nutrition Glory

    Be a true spartan, and seize your glory with Sparta Nutrition.

    If Eria Jarensis is the cute new girl of the stim world, DMHA is the standout hottie older sister that’s home from college. Also known as DMHA or Kigelia Africana Extract, DMHA has been the headline grabbing stimulant of 2016, even more so than Eria Jarensis. DMHA is an aliphatic amine[17] similar to DMAA that’s also found in nature.

    However, unlike DMAA which brings unparalleled focus and drive, 2-aminoisoheptane brings more of an uplifting, euphoric feel to a pre workout.

    Just in case you weren’t sure DMHA really came from nature, and isn’t some crazy “Franken-stim” concocted in a lab, check out a little study published in late 2014 titled Metabolic Profiling of Kigelia africana Extracts with Anti-Cancer Activity by High Resolution Tandem Mass Spectroscopy.[18] In it, it describes where DMHA was extracted from asl as some other applications it’s previously been used, including as an antibacterial, anti-cancer, and analgesic (pain relieving) agent.

    2-Amino-6-Methylheptane Review

    We called it a while ago, and we were right thanks to pre workouts like KRAKEN. Science confirms that 2016 is the year of 2-Amino-6-Methylheptane!

    This feel-good, energy-boosting ingredient has been putting workouts on the next level in 2016, and we definitely expect that to continue into 2017.

  • L-Norvaline (100mg)

    Last, but not least, we arrive at another nitric oxide extending ingredient with that amino acid L-Norvaline. This derivative of the BCAA L-Valine is another indirect N.O. booster, similar to Agmatine, due to its ability to “extend” the life of Arginine in the body.

    Norvaline inhibits Arginase[19], which helps sustain N.O. levels leading to greater blood flow, nutrient delivery, and most importantly, MASSIVE PUMPS!

    Norvaline is a great “add on” ingredient in a pump blend, so long as it’s not the only ingredient in a pump blend.

Now if that isn’t loaded – but not overloaded with caffeine – then we don’t know what is!

Flavors Available

In late 2016, Sparta started with two flavors: Sex on the Beach and Sour Gummy Bear… but in 2017, they moved manufacturing to Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and now have Bombsicle, Watermelon Rancher, and Rainbow Candy too! Watch the videos below where the team discusses them!

Sparta Nutrition Gains

Gains will reign down when you make the switch to Sparta Nutrition.

Mike tested the Sex on the Beach flavor, and it lives up to its name, tasting like the cocktail, although it is rather “feminine” tasting, if that makes any sense.

Flavors Updated!!!

Watermelon Rancher and Bombsicle:

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Rainbow Candy:

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Cotton Candy:

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Wow, just….WOW! We’re completely floored by the profile here and are already pegging this to land quite somewhere in our Top 10 pre workout list (which is due to get split into two parts – one with exotic stims like this, and one without).

We’ll keep putting Kraken through the paces in short order over the next few weeks, and make sure to stay tuned for our full reviews that we’ll be sure to get out ASAP. You’ll be able to find out what we think eventually on our YouTube channel.

Kraken is a can’t miss product of 2016/2017 and one you definitely don’t want to miss. Next, we’re going to have to do a little exposé on Sparta Nutrition because these guys now have our attention.

Don’t let the powerful combination of stims fool you into thinking Kraken is just another cheap stim bomb, in reality, it’s one of the best dosed, and well rounded formulas we’ve ever seen. End of story.

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is a biohacker with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several "n=1" experiments done on himself.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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